Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 8th September 2022 episode begins with Jijabai looking at paper Ramji gave him. Bhabi asked her to hold tightly over it. Jijabai said that live will change Bhim Rao.
Ramji kept his papers save; Bhim Rao was not a thing. He was a fighter; he will be a fighter. He will show this paper to Jijabai at right time. Meera said that Bhim Rao has some people like Ramji, who want to see him win while some like Jijabai who wish to see him loss.

Bhim Rao felt like Ramji and Jijabai divided him into 2 pieces. Rama asked him to prove them wrong, he needs to work hard and become the man he has always dreamt of becoming.

Meera questioned Lakshmi where she was. Everyone came asking her. Lakshmi said that Bala knew a person who could help her find work. Ramji questioned him for asking Bala for help. Bhim Rao asked Ramji to cool down, owing to circumstances Lakshmi indeed needs a job for Anand.

Bala was upset. His wife inquired. Bala said that Anand was very sick. His wife concluded that Anand can’t go, because of him Lakshmi wont go either. She asked Bala to stay as well. It was an unknown country. Bala scolded him for thinking indifferently. He didn’t care if anyone goes or not, they were going. He has advised Lakshmi to work for 5 years, it would help her in future.

Hitesh handed over the agreement paper to Lakshmi. It wasn’t easy for her to leave Anand. Joku asked her not to think much about it. Rama called Lakshmi to have dinner. Janardan asked Lakshmi to think wisely, she might not get this opportunity again. Lakshmi left. Hitesh said that they have to take Lakshmi with them, it would be a defeat for Bhim Rao to have his family members working as labors.

Ramji called for Bhim Rao. Jijabai asked Bhabi to take the lecture Ramji is about to give. Bhim Rao came, he. Bhabi said that Bhim Rao was here to take the lecture. Ramji meet his colleague from Army. His sons’ study abroad. He told him a way to study there with minimum expense.

Jijabai came taunting Ramji to lay the information. Ramji stopped. Rama came asking Ramji to continue. Jijabai mocked Rama for insisting her husband to fly to another country. Bhabi asked Rama to study and leave with Bhim Rao as well. She has nothing here anyways, Rama questioned.

She has a lot of things here to take care of. Time will pass, but when he will come back life would be different. Lakshmi heard Rama. Bhim Rao asked Ramji to tell him outside. Ramji refused, said that Jijabai and Bhabi lives here as well. They should listen. Lakshmi went inside.

Lakshmi decided to sign the agreement. If Rama can live alone so, can she. It was just a matter of time after that things would become easier for them.

Bhim Rao had questioned for what Ramji said, he didn’t want to make any hasty decisions. Ramji objected; he knew that there were other ways for it. He just asked Bhim Rao to think.
Lakshmi signed the agreement.

Next morning, Lakshmi went to Hitesh. Everyone was waiting fir her, they doubted if she was coming or not. Lakshmi came, she was willing to go with them. Hitesh praised her decision. She should go and earn for the better. Once they come back, everyone will talk to Anand themselves. Even if Anand comes back, Joshi will tell him.

Deepak’s mother came asking for Hitesh to sew his chappal. Hitesh wasn’t at his shop. She asked Deepak to tell Hitesh about he chappal. Deepak went to Hitesh. He heard him asking everyone not tot tell Bhim Rao about them becoming labors and leaving the country. Deepak questioned them for hiding it from Bhim Rao.

Deepak didn’t agree with them signing a contract a becoming labor. Everyone questioned. Deepak was willing to tell Bhim Rao. He ran to Bhim Rao to tell him about the agreement. He ran down, called Bhim Rao, told that everyone was conspiring against him. Meanwhile, a man came asking for Deepak’s mother

. She recognized the man, pleaded him for some time. The man refused; he had already given her enough time. Bhim Rao stepped in, asked him not to misbehave with a woman. Deepak backed Bhim Rao. The man can not talk to his mother like this. The man told that his mother took some money from him.

Bhim Rao asked him to talk decently. The man recognized Bhim Rao, told that she took money from him to educate her son. Bhim Rao was destroying everyone. Bhim Rao objected. Deepak’s mother requested the man to give her 2 more days, she will arrange the money. He agreed to give her 2 more days,

after that he would take her with him. Deepak shouted at the man for speaking such. Deepak was willing to hit the man with stone. Bhim Rao stopped Deepak, said that it was wrong of him to do so. The man questioned for raising such son. Deepak asked the man to leave. The man left.

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