Excuse Me Madam 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Excuse Me Madam 12th October 2020 Kranti tells Amar that I feel bad about being rude to Sanam. Chanchal says Sanam has no honesty. She asks who does Sanam love? Kranti says he loves me the most. Chanchal says what thing he loves the most? Kranti says he loves his mother’s saree a lot. Amar says it’s his treasure. Chanchal says you make a mop out of it.

Madam asks Sanam to remove his shirt. He says what? Her eye twitches and acts like Sanam’s teacher. She asks him to become a cock. Sanam goes down and holds his ears in punishment. Chatterjee comes there and enjoys. Madam acts like a teacher. Sanam asks Chatterjee to help. Chatterjee pinches her and leaves. Sanam takes off his shirt. Madam’s eye twitches again. She says you are shirtless in front of your teacher? Chatterjee comes there and pinches her again. Madam says Sanam is peon from now. She says you are a wife beater so this is your punishment, You can resign or become a peon here. Jugal gives him his uniform and leaves. Sanam is tensed.

Scene 2
Kranti is mopping. Sanam comes there and says what are you doing Kranti? She says look at my mop, it’s your mother’s favorite saree. Sanam is stunned and says this saree is precious to me. I wanted to gift it to you. Kranti says you are angry? You will raise your hand now. Sanam gets angry and slaps himself. He says it’s my fault that I asked my mom to give this saree to me. He sadly leaves from there.

Sanam is sad as he couldn’t protect his mother’s saree. Bhaisa asks what happened? Sanam says she destroyed his mother’s saree. Addu comes there so Sanam tells him about the saree. Addu gets a sprain in his back and asks Sanam to kick him. Sanam says you have to come to my office and beat me in front of the madam. He kicks Addu so he becomes fine. Addu says there is a problem. He shows him his blue eyes.

Kranti is crying as she has hurt Sanam.

Scene 3
Jugal is sitting on Sanam’s seat. Sanam is wearing peon’s clothes and asks Jugal to not touch his things. Chatterjee says Jugal is your senior Sanam. Sanam threatens Jugal but Madam comes there and glares at him. Chatterjee says Sanam is fighting with all of us. Sanam says Jugal is sitting on my seat. Madam says Sanam you are a peon and Jugal is the executive now. Chatterjee asks Sanam to accept that he is a peon only. Sanam is angry. Madam asks Sanam to bring her a coffee. Chatterjee asks him to bring tea for him. Jugal asks him to bring water for him. Sanam gets a call from Addu who is in his office lobby dressed as Kranti. Sanam ends the call and tells Madam that my wife is downstairs and asking for money. He leaves. Madam says let’s go behind him.

Kranti tells Amar and Chanchal that I have hurt Sanam a lot. This Amar has made her husband a servant. Chanchal says the last test is left, you will know if he has an animal inside him or not. She tells Amar to disguise as a man and act like he is having an affair with Kranti so Sanam will get angry.

Sanam comes to Addu and hugs him. Addu says what are you doing? What do I have to do? Sanam says beat me. Addu slaps him. Sana says at least wait for Madam. Addu’s phone drops and he bends to pick it up but his back gets sprained again. He asks Sanam to kick his back. Sanam kicks him but madam comes there and thinks he was beating his wife. Addu falls in Chatterjee’s arms. Madam glares at Sanam.


Excuse Me Madam 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Madam tells Sanam that she can’t see any woman being abused. Sanam says I have seen that but I want to see how you react when a man is being abused. You can meet me today in the garden at 6 PM.Sanam and Addu are in the garden as husband and wife. They see Kranti there and side. Madam sees Sanam pulling on Addu’s hair.


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