Excuse Me Madam 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Excuse Me Madam 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Excuse Me Madam 15th September 2020 The madam says how dare you Sanam? Sanam says I am sorry, I didn’t know that it’s you. She says now I am your boss so your voice has changed? Sanam says no it was Bhaisa’s fault, I am sorry. The madam says your bhaisa has to say sorry to Mishti. Sanam says he won’t ever say that, I am sorry on his behalf. The madam’s eye twitches and says your made me pregnant by forcing yourself onto me, who will take care of this baby now? Chatterjee comes there. Sanam says what she is saying? He says this madam gets psycho from time to time. He pinches her and she becomes fine again. She talks to Chatterjee and gets along with him. Sanam tries to leave but she says stay. She asks him to go and do his work, he leaves. She says Bhaisa has to say sorry to Mishti.. her eye twitches again and she acts like lord’s life from religious times. She says you are my pious person. Sanam smirks.

Sanam comes home and tells Kranti that it was hot outside. Bhaisa comes there and talks to Sanam. He says Mishti is very pretty. Sanam says I am missing her owner/madam too. Bhaisa says so I can meet Mishti again? Sanam says I should have met madam before. Kranti comes there and says who? Sanam says you. She gives him water but it’s too hot and burns his tongue. She says I am sorry, I thought it was lukewarm. He says you should have brought cold water. She says it will make you ill now. She says I will take off your shoes as it might break your backbone. She starts taking his shoes off and says how is your madam? He day-dreams about her but says she is scary. Amar comes home and says what is he upto? Amar says I know you don’t have good intentions. He says you are right sometimes.

Scene 2
Addu talks to Sanam. Addu says that park girl is your boss? you are going to have fun, I can’t because my wife is an officer and she takes out her anger on me. Sanam says my wife is not dangerous but your wife fills her ears. Addu says that doesn’t stop you from flirting. Sanam says that’s my habit. Bhaisa comes there and is sad. Sanam says don’t worry, I will get your love Mishti. Addu says I haven’t felt love in a long time.

In the morning, Sanam comes to the office. The madam arrives there dressed in a hot black dress. She enters the lift with Sanam. He smiles and says good morning. She glares at him and says Mishti has been upset and didn’t eat anything, she is my daughter. I don’t have a good morning. Sanam says sorry. She says it doesn’t make it fine. She gets on the wrong floor but gets back in the lift. She says your dog is a cheap one. Her eye twitches…


Excuse Me Madam 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :The madam gets a shock and screams that this man is wrongfully touching me. Sanam tries to stop her.
Amar tells Sanam that if Mishti and Bhaisa were ok with the kiss then there is no law against it. Sanam says it’s my boss’ dog. Amar says nobody can make Bhaisa say sorry.


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