Excuse Me Madam 19th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Excuse Me Madam 19th October 2020 Madam asks Sanam why he is late? He says I am just 3 minutes late. Madam says sit down. He sits beside her but she says move away. She says we are on a date so you don’t have to sit so far away, you can sit a little closer. He moves his chair. She says how dare you to make me wait here? Sanam says I can offer you cold coffee. Madam says I get flu from it, you don’t know my interests. He says what do you like? She says I like Chinese food a lot. Sanam says we could have gone to a local chinese restaurant. She says I am not in the good mood now, we will meet in the park now. She leaves.

Kranti and Addu call the doctor for Bhaisa. He checks Bhaisa while praising Kranti. He says you should have waited to get married as you might have found a doctor.. He tries to flirt with her but Addu asks him to go away. He leaves.

Sanam is in the park waiting for madam. She comes there and says hi Sanam. Sanam says I came here 30 minutes ago. Madam says I am just 6 minutes so you are taunting me? Can’t a human be 5 minutes late? He says it’s okay. She says where is tea and snacks? We are on a date. He says sorry I didn’t think about that. She says something nice about me. Sanam says you are looking very pretty today. He says poetry for her as she smiles at him. But Sanam says bad poetry. She says this is your poetry? He says no I searched for it. Madam says you are boring me. Sanam says what to do now? Madam says this park idea is not working, we can go for a movie. You should go there and get two corner seats, I will see you there. She leaves.

Scene 2
Amar comes to Kranti and says did you find Sanam’s gifts? She says I have applied mehndi so you both help me. Addu gets a clue that they will find the first gift near the bed. Kranti comes to the bed and finds the first gift. They are able to find 3 gifts. Amar says the next clue hints at the microwave. Addu brings it but they don’t find anything there. Amar says he might have hidden it. She breaks the whole microwave but no gift is found. Kranti says he might have hidden it in the table lamp. Kranti finds another gift there.

Sanam comes to the theater but it’s house-full. He says I have to find the corner seat. He stops a worker and asks if he can get some tickets? I need corner seats. The worker says it’s not a honeymoon spot, I will give you the corner seat for 500rs each. Sanam buys the corner seats from him but the worker calls the police and says he is trying to bribe. The police beat Sanam.

Addu thinks that Kranti is finding the gifts easily but I have to waste her time till Sanam gets free from madam. He thinks to ask Amar as her guesses have been wrong. He asks Amar where he must have hidden the gift? She says I think in the drawer. Addu says I think it’s above the cupboard. Amar asks him to shut up. Kranti says we can listen to him for once. Amar looks up the cupboard and finds a pouch there. Kranti sees it’s a handkerchief and ‘MB’ written on it. Addu recalls how he stole it from Madam.


Excuse Me Madam 20th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Addu calls Sanam and tells him that Kranti has found madam’s handkerchief. Sanam ends the call and tells Madam that he has to go. She tries to argue but he says enough, you keep scolding me for timing and everything, it’s good that your boyfriend left you as you are a machine.Kranti shouts at Sanam and asks whose handkerchief is this? Who is MB?


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