Excuse Me Madam 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update


Excuse Me Madam 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Excuse Me Madam 21st October 2020 Jugal asks Chatterjee why he didn’t marry until now? Chatterjee says shut up. Madam comes there and says when Sanam comes, ask him to see me. She leaves. Sanam comes there and Chatterjee asks him to go and meet Madam.

Sanam comes to Madam and says I am really sorry, my wife called and I took out stress on you. Madam says you were right, you told me the bitter truth, I am moody and that’s why my boyfriend might have left me. People don’t like to listen to the bad side but you are the first person to tell me about my truth so 5 marks for this. Madam’s eye twitches and she flirts with Sanam. She pulls him closer and says don’t let me.. Chatterjee comes so Madam acts like he is her husband. She hides Sanam by throwing him out of the window and calls Chatterjee. Chatterjee pinches her and she comes back to her senses.
Sanam has fallen in the dumpster from the window. Chatterjee comes there and says you deserve this, you are a filthy person. Sanam says I will kill you.

Scene 2
In the morning, Addu and Sanam bring the cupboard in the garden. They are both tired. Kranti says this cupboard has many rats so I am going to sell it, we will buy a new cupboard. Sanam says okay, fine. Sanam’s hands turn red and Kranti imagines that he is a killer and gets the death sentence. Sanam says I am a common man, why will I kill someone? Amar comes there and asks Addu to make food, he leaves.

Sanam comes to the office and sees Madam coming there. They stand in the lift. Madam asks him to focus on his work. She says come to my cabin with Chatterjee.

Chatterjee tells Jugal that I got scared when lights went off in my house. Sanam hears it and turns off the lights. Chatterjee gets scared so Sanam laughs at him. Chatterjee says this is your father’s office? Sanam says don’t go on my father. Madam comes there and calls them in her cabin.

Madam says to Sanam and Chatterjee that they both are shameless. Madam’s eye twitches and she acts like a circus worker. She says I will cut this apple but on Chatterjee’s head. She takes a knife and says I have never failed. She points the knife at him. Sanam hides. Madam is about to throw the knife at him but he gets very scared and faints. Sanam pinches madam. Madam says what happened to him? Sanam says he got scared. He asks him to wake up. Sanam checks his pulse and says it’s not there. Madam gets scared.


Excuse Me Madam 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanam hides Chatterjee’s body in Madam’s car trunk. Madam is trying to start the car but it’s not working so Amar comes there and asks her to open the trunk. Madam gets scared.


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