Excuse Me Madam 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update


Excuse Me Madam 21st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Excuse Me Madam 21st September 2020 Amar tells Kranti that papa wants to talk to Bhaisa. Sanam says I can mimic Bhaisa barking. Kranti says he is right. Sanam talks to Bhaisa and barks like a dog. Papa cries for him and Amar ends the call. Amar shouts at them to tell where is Bhaisa? He says we don’t know. Amar asks Kranti to go away, I have to do my work, Kranti nods and leaves. An officer brings red chili powder. She opens the box to make them eat but it goes in her eyes. Addu throws a tissue at her and she wipes her eyes. Madam comes there and says I want to file an FIR against my employee. Amar can’t see her face and asks what’s the name? She says Sanam, he kidnapped my Mishti. Sanam says no I didn’t. Madam says you have already locked them? Amar says they kidnapped Bhaisa. Sanam says I promise I didn’t kidnap them. Madam gets a call and says Mishti is back home? She is not wearing her lipstick? Kranti calls Amar and says Bhaisa is back, he has a lipstick mark on his cheek? Madam stares at Sanam and says you can join the office from tomorrow. She leaves. Amar says let them go.

In the night, Bhaisa is drinking milk and asks for more. Addu is crying in pain as Amar beat him. Addu he drinks milk when he is hurt in love. Sanam teases Bhaisa for romanticizing with Mishti. He asks what he did with Mishti? He says we went in the jungle and then.. he jumps on Sanam. Sanam laughs and says I am not Mishti.

In the morning, Sanam sees his neighbor Ram Gupta and asks where he is going? Ram says I can’t come near you, remember I sat with you last time and thought I am a suicide bomber. Sanam says she is just ill. Ram says and this dog of yours is behind everyone. He was behind my dog Dulari. Kranti comes there and imagines Ram pointing a gun at Sanam and screams. Ram says I will never come here. Kranti hits him and he runs away. Kranti goes into the house. Bhaisa asks Sanam to take mutton for Mishti, he says I am not your servant. Bhaisa says I will bite you in a place.. Amar comes there and says sorry to Sanam and says we doubt even our fathers in this line of work. He nods. Addu brings veggies for her and asks her to give him a kiss but she asks him to wash her clothes. Kranti comes there and says I have brought a perfume for you Sanam. He thanks her and leaves.


Excuse Me Madam 22nd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Madam asks Sanam and Chatterjee to give her a presentation in Hindi for the new position. They both challenge each other.


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