Excuse Me Madam 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Excuse Me Madam 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Excuse Me Madam 28th September 2020 Madam asks Sanam who is this girl/guy while pointing at Addu? Sanam says she your sister-in-law. Madam says I don’t have a brother. Sanam says she is the office’s sister in law and I am her husband.. Madam says how is it possible? Addu says everything is possible in love and war. Madam is stunned and leaves. Addu tells Sanam that you shouldn’t have made me your wife in front of madam. Sanam says I didn’t know what to tell her. Addu says what if she knows about your wife? Sanam says I won’t let her meet Kranti. Addu says what if they meet somewhere and become friends?

Sanam and Addu get outside the office and see Amar there. Amar asks Sanam who is this woman? Is she your affair? Sanam says aren’t you ashamed to doubt me? Amar says I am a police officer. Kranti comes there and tells Sanam why did he tell her that he left the office? Sanam says I didn’t want to put you in danger. Amar shows Addu to Kranti and says he was with a woman.. Addu says it’s me Addu. Amar asks what he is doing in woman’s getup? Sanam says we wanted to catch the serial killer. Amar says what? Sanam says Addu was crying that you didn’t get a promotion and he wanted to sacrifice to catch the serial killer so you can get the promotion. Kranti smiles. Addu says you shouldn’t have told this secret, it was my love. Amar says I love you Addu, we will have romance tonight. Sanam takes Kranti from there. Amar tells Addu that we will play police and thief tonight. Addu gets scared.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sanam asks for the tea. Kranti comes there and throws it at his face.. it turns out to be Kranti’s dream and she throws tea away. Sanam says what did you do? Amar and Addu come there. Addu says they have opened a hotel where they use guns to welcome people. Amar says I want to go there. Sanam and Kranti agree. Addu agrees too. Kranti and Amar go to pack. Addu and Sanam plan to do something fun there.

Sanam comes to the office. Madam says what I saw yesterday was? Sanam says it was the truth. Madam says how did this happen? Sanam says it’s a long story. Madam says she looked aged woman, why did you marry her? You are a handsome man. Sanam acts like crying and says my father was a farmer and didn’t have money, he wanted to marry my sister and I sacrificed myself to a landlord and.. Madam says I am so sorry. Sanam says I didn’t mean that. That landlord asked me to marry his elder sister and it was that woman last night. Sanam cries.. Madam says don’t cry and offer him a hug but Chatterjee comes there so Sanam starts leaving. Madam says don’t stress Sanam today, he is sad because of his wife so find him a new woman. Chatterjee says I am not married yet so I can’t help, he leaves. Sanam cries again but madam says I am not your mother to stop you cry. I need to meet your wife. Sanam is stunned.

Addu is massaging Amar’s arms and says you work hard, you should enjoy some time. Kranti says we are going to that hotel, let’s go for shopping. Kranti and Amar leave. Sanam calls Addu and asks him to come to the restaurant as madam wants to meet you but as my wife. You have to act like you are Kranti.


Excuse Me Madam 29th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Madam meets Addu as Sanam’s wife and tells Sanam that you should respect your wife. Sanam sees Kranti and Amar entering the restaurant and is shocked.


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