Excuse Me Madam 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update


Excuse Me Madam 9th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Excuse Me Madam 9th November 2020 Madam and Sanam dance together. She runs towards him and he runs towards her. They hold hands, She says oh Sanam I love you. She says I love you.. Sanam laughs. The dog barks. Sanam wakes up from sleep. He was dreaming. He says I thought madam was barking in my dream. Bhaisa says I have kept a fast for Mishti. Sanam says I have to convince madam to not come here.

Kranti is getting ready for the karwa chauth. Addu gets Chatterjee’s call. He thinks it’s Kranti and flirts with him. He says I want to see you today, I have kept a fast for you. Addu says I don’t have time. He ends the call.

Sanam is working in Madam’s office. He tries to waste time so Addu can call him. Madam asks him to leave.

Addu comes to his Mausi. He says we have to help Sanam. They video call Sanam. Sanam asks how are you Mausi? Mausi acts like dying and says you must be fasting so don’t come. Sanam says no I will take you to the hospital. He ends the call. Madam says you can go to your Mausi but I will go and have dinner with your wife. Sanam is stunned.

Sanam calls Addu and says Madam wants to have dinner with my wife so Mausi will have to lie once more.

Scene 2
Chatterjee is fasting and is hungry. He gets angry on Jugal for talking about the food.

Sanam comes to Madam and says the accounts are not correct. Madam says to leave the work and go to your Mausi. Sanam video calls his Mausi. Mausi dances and says I am feeling fine now. She ends the call. Madam says your Mausi is fine so I will come to your house for a pooja. Sanam says we can have pooja in the office, the moon will be brighter here. I can call Kranti here. Madam says sounds good. Sanam thanks her.

Sanam calls Addu and says thanks for saving me. You have to come here as Kranti, we will do pooja here first and then go home to our wives.

Addu comes home. Amar asks where did you go? Addu says I got your clothes pressed from Mausi. Kranti gets a call from Mausi. Mausi acts like dying and says I want to talk to Addu. Amar says Addu is here. I will come and take you to the hospital. Addu says no, I will go, you both can celebrate Karwa Chauth. He leaves.

Sanam comes to Jugal and talks to him. Jugal asks what happened? Sanam says Madam wants to see my Karwa Chauth with my wife but it’s personal. Can you bring a fake moon out so I can do pooja in front of her?

Addu comes to the office dressed as fake Kranti. Sanam and Addu go to Madam’s room and see her dressed in desi clothes. Sanam is mesmerized. Madam hugs Addu thinking it’s Kranti.


Excuse Me Madam 10th November 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanam calls Addu and says Jugal is not bringing out the fake moon.Madam comes to Sanam on the terrace. Sanam sees Kranti and Amar coming there and gets worried.


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