Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 13th July 2022 Pakhi and Samir are hiding. Agastya says why do I feel like Pakhi is around. Samir thanks the woman.

She says we are neighbors. We are supposed to help each other. Samir sees Tara and caresses her face. He says I have such a cute granddaughter. He says let’s go home. I told Shanaya and Prema. They are waiting for you. Agastya won’t know.

Dadi says to Agastya the kids are so nice. It was so much fun today. HE says Tara’s mom took a while to come. Dadi says you look stressed. He says I feel some connection with Tara. She reminds me of Pakhi. Will I ever meet her again?

Scene 2
Tara comes home. She meets everyone. Samir and Prema hug her. Tara says why didn’t you tell me about them? Samir says we were far away. Pakhi says to Prema I am sorry. I’ve hurt you all so much. Prema says I missed you every day for these 6 years. Tara says we should be happy. Pakhi says I am very happy.

Tara says let’s eat cake. She says this is mummy’s happy birthday cake. She eats it with everyone. Pakhi wonders where did she get the cake from? She says Einstien’s uncle said it was his special person’s birthday so I told him it’s his birthday too so he gave me this cake and we cut it together.

Pakhi says what else did he say? Did you tell him my name? Did he hurt you? Tara says he’s very nice. He’s my friend. He didn’t ask your name. Samir says he doesn’t know about you. Pakhi is scared. Ishaan comes.

Ishaan heard Samir talking to a doctor about Pakhi. He realized Pakhi is back. He says I looked for you everywhere. Pakhi says Ishaan.. He says where were you Pakhi? I can’t believe you’re back. Are you okay?

She says I am fine. Thanks for taking care of my family. I want you to meet someone special. This is Tara, my daughter. Ishaan is shocked. Pakhi says Tara meet Ishaan’s uncle. He says give me a hug. Tara moves away.

Tara is scared of Ishaan. Pakhi says he’s a good uncle. She says sorry to Ishaan. Ishaan leaves. Agastya dreams of playing with Tara. He says Pakhi why do I miss that kid so much? She’s so intelligent. She should get a good education. I should talk to her mom or her family. Payal’s dad comes.

He says to Agastya I came here with a proposal for you. She can’t get a better life partner than you. He makes Agastya eat sweets. Agastya stops him and says I respect you and Payal but I’ve never seen her through that view. I only consider her a friend. I am sorry.

Tara says I won’t go back. I want to spend time with nana nani and mausi. Pakhi says we can come back on holiday. Tara says I wanna stay here. Pakhi says I am going then you stay here. Tara says sorry I will come with you. She says to samir take me to beach next time. He says yes we will.

Shanaya says come let’s pack. Samir says we all want you to stay here but we want you to be safe. We can all be united soon. Prema says we are all with you always. Ishaan comes. He says don’t woryr Pakhi.

You shouldn’t leave your parents like this. Give me your address I will make sure you stay connected with your parents. Pakhi says I can’t give you my address I am sorry. Thanks for always taking care of my family but I don’t want Agastya to get to me. Ishaan says I understand.

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