Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th May 2022 Mona says my Yug. Your bua will gift you a shirt. He says don’t do this drama. Mona says I was always on Mira’s side. I never liked Agastya. I know you won’t kick your bua. He says bua I always wanted a bua who would take care of me. Can you clean my shoes? She says I don’t know where brush is. He says you can clean with your pallu. Do it please.

Scene 2
Agastya is aslepe in his room. Mira is asleep on the bed. Someone comes to Agastya. Someone asks his to stay silent. He sneaks out of the room. Agastya comes to the hall. Dadi says we will play hide and seek. It will be fun right. He says mama will be mad. Dadi says she’s asleep. Sit in the car. Bulbul is there too.

Dadi is about to start the car. Agastya says can’t we go tomorrow? She says we will lose the game. Someone comes there. Agastya is cared. Bulbul comes. She says where are you taking him? Dadi says I know you care about your money only but asylum ruined Agastya’s life. I won’t let anything happen to him.

Bulbul says wait where are you going. You think you can run away with him? I won’t lose my money. Bulbuul says I won’t let you ruin my plan. Dadi takes out a knife. She says don’t force me to do anything wrong. Bulbul says you can’t scare me. They both fight. Dadi says I would rather kill Agastya then sending him to Asylum.

Dadi stabs Agastya. Bulbul screams. She shouts dodo.. nothing will happen to you. Dodo.. Dadi what did you do? My dodo.. I won’t let anything happen to him. Agastya gets up and says dadi you shoved me. Pakhi is shocked. She says are you okay dodo? She hugs him. Dadi realizes she’s Pakhi.

Agastya asks who’s dodo? Dadi says that’s your name what pakhi call you from. Pakhi who’s in front of us. Dadi says forgive me you fell but I had no other way of knowing Pakhi. Bulbul says I am not pakhi. Dadi says stop lying. I realized when you saved him from that bomb that you’re Pakhi.

Only she can care that must for Agastya. I mixed sleeping pills in Mira’s milk. Dadi and mixed sleeping pills in Yug and Mira’s milk. Dadi says after that I broke that vase outside your room so you wake up. Agasstya says who’s Pakhi? I have heard that name. Dadi says please say truth. Pakhi hugs dadi. They both.

Pakhi says I am your Pakhi dadi. Sorry I did all this drama. I hurt you. I am sorry. I will explain everything to you. Let’s take Agastya inside. Agastya asks are you Pakhi? She says no my name is Bulbul. He says best friends don’t lie. Pakhi says I am sorry. Pakhi says you’re the strongest. we’re the same team now.

I won’t let anyone harm you anymore. Dadi looks at them and smiles. Pakhi hugs Agastya. Agastya plays with her hair. Pakhi says even God is happy that we’re together. He says why are you crying? She says let’s go sleep. He says I wanna sleep in your room. Pakhi brings Agastya to the room. Agastya says stay here with me. I get scared alone. Bulbul says you’re strong and brave. I am always with you.

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