Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 22nd July 2022 Ishaan is angry. Mira says get me out of here I will solve your problem. He says what will you do with this money? She says I have a plan. He leaves. Mira says I don’t need you to get out of here. She pretends t get an electric shock. The police rush her to the hospital.

Agastya says to the lawyer if the DNA report shows Pakhi is my daughter can I get her custody? The lawyer says to let the report come. Pakhi comes with Samir and Ishaan. Agastya says why is Ishaan here? Samir says I asked him to come.

Is the report here? Ishaan says in his heart I have already changed the reports. The lab person says reports are positive your DNA matches 100% with Tara. Ishaan says how is that possible? He takes the report.

Agastya says you think you can get the reports changed and I won’t know. Agastya shows everyone the video where Ishaan is asking the lab doctor to replace the report. Pakhi is shocked. Agastya says I know your intentions now. I got reports before you got them changed and Pakhi I know you’re letting Ishaan do all this.

How can you stoop so low to keep my daughter away from me? Now I will take legal custody of my daughter. I will do whatever I can and you do what you can. It’s the first and last hearing today. Make sure Tara comes to the court or the police will find you.

Ishaan says to Pakhi I was trying to help so Agastya can’t take legal action. Pakhi says I didn’t want to do anything illegal. He thinks I am part of all this. Ishaan says why do you care what he thinks of you.

Samir says you should have asked us at least. He will show the video in court now. Samir says I was only trying to help you guys and why did you tell Tara Pakhi. Pakhi says excuse me? Tara is my daughter. I will decide what to tell her and when. I have involved you too much in our family problems.

How did I even try to give her legal custody to you? Now my family and I will decide what to do. I didn’t say anything inside because Agastya was there. You’ve taken care of my family a lot and I wanna thank you for that but I don’t wanna bother you anymore. She says to Samir papa bring a lawyer to the court.

Scene 2
Agastya comes to the court. Agastya asks Samir where is Pakhi? He says they’re coming alone. Pakhi wanted to spend time with Tara. Agastya says is she trying to run away with Tara? I won’t let that happen. He calls on her number but it’s off. Agastya says she ran away before too. Pakhi and Tara fainted in the car.

Ishaan is in the car. He mixed something in their ice cream. Ishaan says I won’t let you go back to Agastya no matter what I have to do. Agastya comes to Pakhi’s home and says where are Pakhi and Tara? Prema says she left already. Samir says her phone is off.

Pakhi wakes up in a room. She says how did I come here? She tries to wake up Tara. Tara says what place is this? Pakhi looks around. Agastya says I will find out Pakhi. I am sure Ishaan knows where she is. Agastya comes to Ishaan’s place with the police. They search his house. He’s not home.

Pakhi tries to open the door. She says to open the door. A shadow comes outside. Pakhi is scared. She hugs Tara. Ishaan comes in. Pakhi says you. He says sorry Pakhi I had to do this for you and Tara. Pakhi says are you crayz? You fainted us and brought us here? What’s going on in your head? He says to see my intention behind it. I was forced to do it. I know Agastya. He will try to get you.

He will take Tara from you. We have no other way. You’re very precious to me. I won’t let you go to Tara. He says to have food. Don’t be scared of me. Pakhi is shocked. Tara says why do we need to go away from my papa.

Ishaan says he’s bad. Tara says you are bad. She throws a pillow at him and says let us go or I will tell my dad. Pakhi says you are right Ishaan. It’s better for all three of us that we go away from Agastya. Ishaan says exactly. Let me get things ready. Tara says why are you saying that mummy? Pakhi asks her to be quiet.

Scene 3
Inspector says a man named Ishaan used to come to meet this Mira. We can tell him she got shocked. The doctor says she didn’t get a shock, she ate medicine that made us feel like she had a shock. They go inside the hospital room. Mira isn’t there. She fainted the nurse and kept her in her bed. Inspector says Mira has fled. They look around for her.

Tara says mama why are we listening to this bad uncle? Will we go away from papa? Pakhi says to sit in the car. She says to Ishaan don’t worry I will make her understand. Tara sits in the car. Pakhi says Tara forgot her bag, it has her asthma pump. Ishaan says let me get it. He goes inside. Pakhi sits in the car and tries to start it.

Ishaan comes out running. Ishana comes out and says Pakhi what are you doing. He runs towards the car but Pakhi drives away. Ishaan says you can’t go away from me. Pakhi comes to the court. She says, papa… Agastya says why did I feel like I heard Tara’s voice? The inspector tells Agastya Mira fled from police custody. Pakhi and Tara get out of the car. Ishaan stops them. Pakhi and Tara try to run. Ishaan grabs Tara and puts a knife on her. Pakhi is shocked.

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