Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 24th August 2022 Pakhi stops Agastya from going to the police. Mira calls Pakhi and says don’t you want to see Tara alive? Pakhi says don’t harm Tara. I will stop Agastya.

Agastya takes the phone and says you will be in jail. The police will find you soon. Mira says to see the photos I just sent you. Tara fainted in the photos. Pakhi says Agastya won’t go to the police. Please don’t harm Tara. Mira says don’t repeat the mistake then. Pakhi says I can’t let you risk Tara’s life. let’s go.

Fake Agastya tells Mira they’re going back home. She says to keep an eye on them. Pakhi says why were you not listening to me. They lock the door. Agastya says our plan worked. I know Mira will try to call us and threaten us. Naveli says I found her location. Pakhi says we have to be very careful. I saw fake Agastya there. Agastya says we will bring our daughter home.

Scene 2
Pakhi and Agastya sneak out from the back door. Fake Agastya tells Mira they haven’t left the house. Mona welcomes pandit ji for pooja. The pooja starts. Everyone sits there. Mona says we are doing this pooja for Tara.

Fake Agastya looks in. Naveli and Mohit sit as Pakhi and agastya. Fake Agastya thinks it’s them. They sneak out. A pot falls. He sees it. He says someone left the house. Pakhi and Agastya hide.

The doctor says to Mira this is a very serious procedure. We can’t take a risk. I have to be very careful. Pakhi and Agastya come to the shed. Agastya leaves a remote control call. It goes in. It has a camera. They can see Yug hanging on the wall. Agastya says we have to save Yug. The car goes in. They see medical staff.

Pakhi says what are they doing there? Mira has a big plan. They see Tara lying on the bed. Pakhi says what are they doing with Tara? Mira is also here. Agastya says we have to play it safe. Pakhi cries. Another nurse comes in. Pakhi sees her. Pakhi faints the nurse and drags her. She says I will take you to the police.

The family is doing pooja. Fake Agastya is confused. Mira calls him. He says Mira they’re home and doing the pooja. Pakhi comes in as the other nurse. The doctor says do you have all the things? She says yes. Pakhi sees Tara. Fake Agastya sits in his car. The speaker stops. Naveli panics, fake Agastya sees her.

He says that means she fooled us. I have to tell Mira Pakhi and Agastya aren’t here. Agastya asks Pakhi to execute their plan. Mira gets a call from fake Agastya that Pakhi isn’t there. Pakhi drops a smoke bomb there. She shoves Mira. Agastya starts hitting her staff. Pakhi hits Mita. Agastya and Pakhi pick Tara. Agastya comes to Yug and releases him. He hugs Yug. He takes Yug outside.

Scene 3
Fake Agastya comes to the shed. Everyone fainted. He wakes Mira up. Mira says they took Tara. Pakhi came here. Pakhi says we aren’t safe until we get her arrested. The doctor checks Tara and says she’s given a sleeping pill. She’s fine don’t worry. Pakhi says Tara open your eyes. Mama and papa are here.

Pakhi says what was Mira trying to do? Tara opens her eyes. Pakhi says are you okay? Tara says Shardha’s teacher is bad. Pakhi says we know. She says I shouldn’t have gone with her. She said you’re not well, I am sorry. Agastya says your mama became superwoman and saved you. They hug her. Mona says Agastya what will we do with Mira? He says she will get arrested soon. Mona says we have to be alert.

Yug alerts the security guards to keep a strict check on the house. Yug says police are looking for her everywhere. Agastya says she will try to harm you as well. Yug says don’t worry about me. Pakhi says I am very worried.

Agastya says to Pakhi I want to keep you and Tara safe. You should go to Singapore. She says I won’t leave you alone. She can come there too. Agastya says you both are my weakness. I can’t fight with her if she can harm you. He says I will call you back once she’s caught. Please.

The man says to Mira what do you want now? She says when will you give me money to send me out of the country? He says I can’t give eyou another chance. She says I have one last ace card.

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