Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th August 2022 Agastya says I feel like someone else is also with Mira. I’ve seen her talking on call as well. He says anyway, the police are investigating. Pakhi cries. He says don’t cry. I know it’s no easy.

He says now I have to send you both away. We will be together after that. Pakhi says we will miss you a lot. He says me too. He kisses her forehead. Agastya kisses Pakhi, Tara comes. She says I can’t sleep. Pakhi says how will we live without you. She falls asleep.

Scene 2
The next morning, Tara says I wont’ go anywhere. Samir says why do you have to go? Pakhi says Mira is still not caught. Agastya says mama will go there alone if Tara doesn’t go. there’s Disney land there, rides and so many things. Kids enjoy so much. Tara says will there be ice cream? He says yes but you don’t wanna go.

Tara says i will go. Mona says I hope Mira is caught. Yug says police said they found a clue. Mira throws the guards inside. She says why do you need police when I came to you? These guardss are the ones you hired for me? Her men rope them. Pakhi says we aren’t scared of Mira. Agastya tries to call the police.

Tara says why is there a red light on my hand. Mira says I can blast her in a second. You will have to say good bye to your daughter. I am always a step ahead. I injected an explosive chip in her.

You know Agastya I can do this in a minute. Pakhi panics. Agastya says how can you stoop so low. Pakhi says she’s a child. How can you do that. Mira says relax, you might get a heart attack. It’s all happening because of you. Mira says stop this drama now. Now come with me.

Scene 3
Mira brings Pakhi and Agastya to a place. Mira says this college will be inaugurated here. Subur Thakur has organized it. Agastya says my mentor? She says yes a big name in tech space. You both have to kill him and take the blame on you.

You have to say he was ruining your business. Agastya says what will you get by this? Pakhi says we wont’ do this. She says then decide if you wanna save Tara and Subur Thakur, You have three days to decide. Pakhi says how will we do it?

Tara is scared. Agastya’s men are keeping everyone on gun point. Agastya comes home. He hugs Tara. She says papa will I be okay? Agastya laughs. It’s the fake Agastya. He says you can go to your parents. Do you wanna go them? Prema says he’s bad uncle don’t go with him. He says my name is Vicky.

Yug shoves Vicky. Vicky hits him. Mira comes there. She slaps Yug. Tara tries to run.
Mona says how can you stoop so low Mira. She slaps her. Naveli says di and jeju will save Tara. Mira slaps her too. Pakhi says to Agastya let’s go to the police. Agastya says we can’t leave Tara alone. Pakhi says can’t we take that bomb out? He says I’ve to be careful.

Tara says to Mira you’re so evil. She is about to slap her. Pakhi holds her hand and says don’t dare to touch my daughter. Mira says I can press this button right now. Pakhi says press it, you will die as well. you can’t harm our daughter. Agastya says if you want us to do your task, you have to respect our family. Mira asks everyone to go to their rooms. She says I am giving you a favor. I can kill you all. Don’t act smart with me.

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