Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th July 2022 Ishaan puts a knife on Tara’s neck and says you will lose your daughter forever. Pakhi says I will do what you say don’t harm Tara. He says to sit in the car. Agastya says inspector Mira fled?

Do you even know how dangerous can that be? How can you be so careless? He says don’t worry we are looking for them. Tara drops her asthma pump outside. Agastya finds it. He recalls it’s Tara’s.

Ishaan locks Tara and Pakhi in a room. He says why did you go to the police station. I am doing all this to protect you both. Don’t try to move from here again. Pakhi recalls everything. Pakhi says this means Ishaan was behind all this? He was provoking me against Agastya and creating situations that made me and Tara distant from Agastya.

Tara says mama I told you he’s a bad uncle. Tara says you were right. I kept trusting him. He wasn’t helping us. He wants to take his revenge. Don’t worry we will get out of here. Tara says papa will come to save us. I left a clue for him.

Scene 2
Agastya tries to get the footage of that place but there’s no camera. Agastya says if Tara and Pakhi came here why didn’t they come in? Was someone following them? Ishaan? I have to find Pakhi and Tara. Ishaan comes back with bags and says I threw out your phone so you don’t call the police again.

He says I am sorry but I had no other option. Why did you have to run? I can’t let you go to Agastya. I only want to protect you and Tara. Pakhi says you can’t do that. I know Agastya, he is very clever. No one can understand what he’s planning. To defeat him you have to be crazy like him. Ishaan says I have a lot more craze than him.

I’m mad at you. I am not less than him I can do everything he can. In fact, in the last few years, I have done a lot of things Agastya can’t even think of. I played many games with him 6 years ago. Pakhi is shocked.

Pakhi says I have seen him up close. He’s obsessed with me. Nothing is more important to him than me. Ishaan suffocates her and says why. Why do you only see Agastya’s love and not mine? Tara is scared. He says you will see my love when I make you mine completely. I will cross any limit to make you mine.

Pakhi says is this your reality? You did all this to get me. You kidnapped me and Tara. I knew your intentions. He says wow you’ve become smarter. He puts his gun on Pakhi. Tara hugs Pakhi. Ishaan says don’t be scared.

You always liked bad boys right? Agastya did so much to you and you went back to him. So see, I became a bad boy for you. I kept pretending to be nice and waiting for you for 6 years. I love you a lot. A lot more than Agastya. I did everything to part your ways with him. But I won’t lose you this time.

Scene 3
Mira comes to a hospital. The doctor says I have shortlisted 6 candidates. Pick one of them and your task will be done.
Naveli tells Agastya Mira ran off. Agastya says I heard. Naveli says is Mira behind Tara nad Pakhi’s kidnapping? He says no I am sure it’s Ishaan. He changed the DNA report. Pakhi didn’t know about it. He was the one who tried to create problems between me and Pakhi. He wants me to stay away from him.

He tries to blame me for everything. For now, I’ve to find Pakhi and Tara. We have to check all footage. Naveli says I will get all of them. She says but their phones are off too. Agastya says I can trace their phones if I find their IMEI number. Naveli says we can’t ignore Mira too. Agastya says for now I have to find them.

Pakhi says I won’t believe you can do anything wrong like Agastya. Ishaan says remember when Mira left your life and everything was going good? I came back that day and started keeping an eye on you both. I was behind everything that was happening at the resort. Then I planned our meetup at the clinic.

That room camera, Agastya coming to the cafe, I planned all that. He was saying the truth all this time. I got all those photos clicked and sent them to Agastya. And Shanaya’s accident, I planned that. Pakhi is shocked. He says I made that situation so Agastya gets blamed for it. Pakhi is shocked.

Pakhi says this means Agastya and I only parted ways because of you? Did I consider him wrong for so long because of you only? You were behind all this and I kept accusing Agastya. All because of you. He says yes, I couldn’t tolerate your love towards him. How could you forget what he did to us?

I did everything to part your ways with him and you left me. You came back after 6 years with this Agastya’s child? I thought I will make you mine but this kid became my hurdle. I like kids but I hate this girl. It reminds me she’s Agastya’s blood and I hate it. So today I will send this girl to.. He shoots. Pakhi screams.

Scene 4
Mira says to the man you’re very lucky that I chose you for this task. You will get a lot of money for it. Just do what I say. He says the videos in this pen drive, watch them. She asks the other man to take his measurements and get the clothes made. She says you can’t even imagine what I am going to do Agastya. Mira is coming for her revenge.

Ishaan shot behind Tara. Tara cries in fear. Pakhi is scared. Pakhi says are you crazy? She’s a child. Do you have any humanity left? I will kill you if you harm my daughter. He says this kid’s life is in my hands only. So don’t act smart with me or I will shoot her the next time. Pakhi says in heart I have to contact Agastya but how.

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