Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th April 2022 Agastya is shocked. He recalls how she burned him. She’s holding a matchstick. She throws it in the barn. Agastya panics. Agastya recalls the fire incident. He falls down. She comes near Agastya. Agastya cries. She says what happened? Are you not happy to see your mom back? Smile? I wanted to meet you for years. Finally I found my mom. Pakhi says are the same woman who tried to burn a child alive? She says my name is Mira. Agastya can recognize me.

She says to Agastya I used to tell you a story in which king’s life was in a parrot. she’s your parrot and your life is in her. I knew you love her so madly that you would come here for her. Agastya says please don’t harm Pakhi. I came here. You can take any revenge from me. Please let her go. And Yug what happened to you.. I took care of you, I got you out of orphanage so you live a good life. I am your boss and now you’re on her side? She tried to burn her son, will she take care of you? Please let Pakhi go. She’s using you. Open your eyes. Mira sings a song.

Mira shows a teddy to Yug. She says you gave me this toy right? Agastya said I will give it to my younger brother. Mira asked how did you know it’s a brother. Agastya said I told God I want a brother so I can play with him and love him a lot. She says this toy reminds me how you ruined my and my son’s life. Agastya says I could die that day if dadi didn’t save me that day. You left me there to die, you ruined my life.

I couldn’t hate you. I was the most unfortunate man that my mom gave me the worst scars. You left that house because of your mistake. Why did you do that? She says I wanted to get rid of you. I wanted my son to get all the wealth and everything. It wasn’t possible if you lived. I wish you died that day. My son won’t have suffered. I couldn’t give hom anything even my love. I wanted to take revenge from you with him. And today, finally after so long I found my son. She holds Yug’s hand.

Agastya is shocked. He says Yug is your son? She says yes. He’s your step brother? Why are you so shocked? You got him out of orphanage to use him for your crimes? Agastya says this is a lie. I didn’t even know who she’s. She’s manipulating you. She’s lying. Yug says stop saying this stuff about my mom.

Do you even know what relations are? I was going that day to save you but my mom stopped me that day. She gave him documents that he’s her son. Mira said I know you won’t believe me but these reports aren’t fake. agastya is your step brother and he’s using you for his crimes. He’s your worst enemy, because of him you stayed away from me, stayed in an orphanage. Can he return your life?

I was his dad’s second wife. I missed you every day. Because of Agastya I lost you. You have to help me destroy you. Yug says I could save you that day but my mom told me to let you be exposed. I was in jail you didn’t come to save me. Agastya says no no.. I didn’t know. He says we’ve suffered a lot of because you and now you will see Pakhi suffering. Agastya says no. Mira puts a gun on her.

Scene 2
Samir and Ishaan are worried for Pakhi. Karan says that dai maa isn’t telling anything and she’s not lying. She actually has memory loss. Constable says a guy came and he said he’s seen Pakhi and Agastya. He looks very scared.

Agastya says please kill me don’t harm Pakhi. Please I can’t see her in pain. Please let her go maa. Please. Pakhi says you wanted to kill your own son who called you mom? Police is looking for us. They will find us and you will go to jail. Mira says you don’t know who I am. Ask your husband and see scar on his back to see what I can do. Agastya says Pakhi she can kill you. Pakhi says you can’t scare me.

I knew AGastya did a lot of bad things but you’re worse. You will pay for your mistakes. Agastya says Pakhi please don’t talk back to her. Please she can harm you. You don’t know her. Mira says I am disgusted by you, you should have died that day. Pakhi says how can you say such things? Mira says I am already annoyed seeing Agastya’s face. I can silent him forever. She says look here Agastya. Agastya falls. He says no I can’t be scared. I’ve to save Pakhi. Mira puts gun on Pakhi. Agastya shoves fire stick at her and runs with Pakhi.

Scene 3
Prema says to Dadi you kept saying Agastya is nice. He did all this to our Pakhi. I want answer. where is my daughter? What has Agastya done to her? Mona says leave her she doesn’t know anything. Prema says this is a mother’s curse, he will never be happy. He will suffer like us and so will you because you supported him. Dadi cries.

Agastya and Pakhi run in the jungle. Yug and Mira look for her. They hide behind a well. Mira says Agastya where are you? Talk to your mom. Agastya panics, Pakhi calms him down. They walk past. Agastya says to Pakhi run from here. Pakhi says I can’t leave you alone. She can kill you. Agastya says no she’s very scary. You wanted to get rid of me too. Please run from here.

Pakhi says yes I wanted to go away from you because what you did was wrong. But I won’t leave you here to die. What you did to me was wrong and I will decide what punishment will you get not her. He says this is my punishment. I became your scar, I am your culprit. Please forgive me if you can. Please go now. Pakhi says we’ve to get out of here. Please come with me. He says we can’t. You should go. Run. I will always love you. He goes away from Pakhi.


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mira says to Agastya this gun has 5 bullets and first one is for you and shoots. Pakhi gets in the way and takes the bullet.


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