Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th August 2022 Agastya hugs Pakhi. Mira comes there and says how cute, let’s go now if you’re done. Prema and Samir are worried for Pakhi. Samir says we can only pray to God. I hope they’re safe.

Yug says I have to do something. Mira sprays something on Agastya. She says now you smell of Alcohol. You have to meet Thakur and say he’s being trouble to your business and he has to pay for it. Mona says you will pay for your sins. Mira slaps her, and Mona falls. They all scream. Naveli picks her.

Mona says to Naveli that this was the second example. Take your mom to the room. She asks Agastya to leave. Tara gives Agastya a drawing she made of their family. Vicky comes. Mira says couldn’t you keep her inside the room? He says she runs out. He says Tara go back to the room. Mira says let’s go. Pakhi and Agastya leave. Tara cries.

Scene 2
Mira brings them to the venue. She says to Pakhi you have to go and say to Thakur Agastya is very angry. He has to talk to him and then Agastya would go in and shoot him. I will see everything on the camera. Agastya and Pakhi come in. The pooja is going on. Mira can’t hear. Thakur’s son comes downstairs.

Agastya starts laughing and says where is Thakur? He says come out. Thakur says Agawstya.. he’s like my son. How are you? I missed you. You’re drunk? Agastya says, Thakur? I am not your son. Do you do this to a son? Pakhi says Agastya calm down. Let’s go home. He says you are ruining my business, you stopped my project. You’re jealous of my success. He says you’re drunk.

What are you saying? Thakur’s son says Agastya calm down. Agastya says I will kill you. They call in security. Pakhi tries to calm down Agastya. He shoves her. Pakhi throws sindoor at everyone. There’s smoke everywhere. Agastya told Pakhi to throw sindur in the air and he will alert Thakur. Everyone coughs. Mira can’t see inside. Agastya gives the letter to Thakur’s son. He reads it, don’t come back here. Your life is in danger.

Scene 3
Mira, Pakhi, and Agastya come home. Mira says the plan’s first step was done well. She brings them back home. Thakur’s son comes in. He’s Pratap.. Mira calls him a son. he was directing her all the time. He gives the letter to Mira. He says if my dad got this note my game would have ended. Mira is shcoked.

Agastya and Pakhi are shocked. Pratap says my dad won’t’ have died and Agastya won’t have gone to jail. I want my dad to die so I can control this tech world. You’re my rival, so you will kill my dad and you will go to jail. He says Mira this is your last chance. You’re useless. Mira says I will get it done.

She says give me a chance. He says one more mistake and I will cancel this deal. Vicky says your boss scolded you. Mira says shut up. Mira says to Agastya how dare you. You acted over-smart with me? She calls her guards and says no more normal life. Tara says this light is blinking again. Pakhi says don’t do this. Please.. Mira says this remote isn’t shutting now. Everyone is scared.

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