Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd September 2022 The squad tries to dispose of the bomb. Vicky picks up his phone. He tries to call Mira. The bomb is turned off. Agastya and Pakhi hug her. The staff tells them she’s out of danger.

Tara says Yug chachu you’re so nice. He hugs Tara. Everyone gets teary. Mona says let’s take a family photo. Where’s my phone? Vicky calls Mira and tells her everything. The police are following Mira. Mona says I left my phone upstairs.

Yug and Shanaya come upstairs. Vicky hits Yug. He says I’ve told Mira everything. Shanaya hits Vicky on the head. Shanaya cleans’ Yug’s wound and says are you okay? Shanaya comes downstairs and tells everyone Mira found out. Vicky called her. Agastya says I’ve to go there. Pakhi says I will come with you.

Mira sees the two men following her. Naveli says Mona how can you be so careless? Mona cries and says I am an idiot. Naveli says how can you make such a big mistake. Tara says mama says we should forgive mistakes.

She says mama papa will fix everything. Mona hugs her. Police come outside for protection. Agastya and Pakhi track Mira’s location. Samir slaps Vicky. Prema slaps him too. Shanalay slaps him. Everyone slaps him one by one.

Scene 2
Mira comes to pooja and hides there. Police come there to arrest her. Pakhi and Agastya come there. Mira tries to hit her. Pakhi holds her. She says is it hurting? You’ve hurt my family like this. You ruined Agastya’s life.

You and Ishaan kept me away from Agastya. You injured Shanaya. You’ve hurt us so much. You will live in jail all your life. She shoves her. Pakhi puts her foot on her. Agastya tries to calm her down.

Vicky snatches a constable’s gun and puts it on, Tara. Everyone is scared. He leaves with Tara. Everyone is worried. Police follow him. Yug leaves with them as well. Pakhi asks them to arrest Mira. Vicky comes there with Tara. Mira says I won again. Vicky says I can kill her right now. It will make me so happy.

Give me 5 crores and send me to the Nepal border, you will get your daughter back and then you can arrest Mira. Mira picks a knife and stabs him. She picks up the gun. Prema and Samir pray for Pakhi. Mira says I will kill Tara now.

I will take everything from you Agastya. She steps back and falls on the temple candle. Her shirt catches fire. Mira burns. She screams. Agastya holds Tara. Mira screams. Agastya imagines how she burned him. Yug comes there too.

Years later

Everyone comes home and they celebrate Pakhi’s second child. Everyone is happy.

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