Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st August 2022 Vicky does arti of Pakhi and Agastya. He says good luck. Mira says shut up. Go with them and keep an eye on them. She says if you don’t kill thakur today I will kill Tara. Go from here fast.

The function starts. The teacher thanks Thakur for getting the medical college developed for poor kids. Pratap asks Mira what’s the update.

She says everything is as per the plan. Pakhi and Mira come outside. Vicky is with them. He says I will distract guards, you go from back side. Vicky fights with the guards. Agastya and Pakhi enter the hall. Vicky calls Mira adn tells her they’re inside.

Mira says Yug tried to ruin my plan? I will get freedom today. We will celebrate. Samir says you can never win. She says shut up. She calls her guards and says make them dance. They hit Yug. Prema says stop it Mira. You will suffer. She says I have won already. Let’s dance and celebrate. Here goons keep hitting Yug and Samir.

Scene 2
Pratap and Thakur stand for arti. Agastya sneaks in. He goes near Thakur and pulls a gun on him. He says you didn’t do right with me. You ruined my business. I will kill you now. Thakur says this is a misunderstanding. Pratap says how dare you.. go out.

He pretends scared. Agastya shoots.. Pratap falls down. He says what did you do.. Agastya sits down. Pakhi cries. The guards come in and drag Agastya out. Police comes in. They arrest Agastya. Pakhi cries looking at Agastya. The police drag him out.

Scene 3
Mira and Vicky dance and celebrate. She gives him wine. He says it’s so good. He says when will Pratap pay us? She says I am waiting for his call. Mira comes to Tara and says in a while you will be free. Your parents did the task I asked them for. Tara says leave my hand. She cries. Pratap is at the hospital.

Mira calls him. He doesn’t pick. He says why are you bothering me? She says when will I get my money? he says I will wait for doctors to confirm if my dad is dead or not. He pretends to the doctor that he is very concerned.

He says save my dad please. Please doctor.. He can’t leave me alone. Thakur says if my son is calling me how can I go.. Pratap is shocked. Thakur says see I am fine. Agastya and Pakhi are with him. They walk towards Pratap. He’s shocked.

Agastya says shocked? Let me explain. Pakhi says we recorded everything you said. She plays his recording. Agastya says I sent your dad a note and recording through Yug and how to plan all of this. He planned it with pain gun with Thakur.

You thought Yug came to kill me? He brought the fake gun and I switched them. Those were fake bullets, fake blood.. just like your fake love. Thakur slaps Pratap. Agastya says done with your drama. Not anymore. Pakhi says Agastya our last step is Mira. They hold hands.

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