Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th May 2022 Bulbul says sorry to Dadi. She says that she stole her milk to feed hungry poor kids and Goddess will get happy with this. Dadi is shocked on seeing Bulbul and thinks that Goddess heard her prayer and sent Pakhi back. Dadi hopes that Agastya will also get well now. Dadi hugs Bulbul.

She calls her Pakhi and asks where she was all these days, why she’s talking like this. She says that Pakhi doesn’t know what happened after she left. Bulbul asks who is Pakhi. She says that she’s not Pakhi, her name is Bulbul.

Dadi says that she’s already suffering and can’t take any jokes. Bulbul says that Dadi is trying to deceive her by acting, but she can’t fool her. Bulbul leaves from there. Bulbul’s mother scolds Bulbul for stealing milk. Dadi sees this and wonders what’s happening.

Naveli comes back to Dadi and asks if she has done puja before she gets puja things. Dadi says that God has called her here for some other motive and goes to find Pakhi. Naveli looks confused. Other hand Agastya refuses to get injected.

Meera catches Agastya and says that if he doesn’t take the injection she won’t give him breakfast. Agastya agrees to get injected. He cries in pain. Prema feels bad seeing this.

Yug asks Naveli where her Dadi is. He mocks Dadi and says that they have to go back home. Naveli says that she doesn’t where Dadi has gone. Prema and Shanaya are on the way taking ironed clothes. A man collides with Prema and the latter drops the clothes. Prema scolds that man and breaks down in tears remembering Pakhi.

At the temple Dadi comes to Bulbul and asks why she is refusing to recognize her. Bulbul says that she’s not Pakhi. Dadi shows her Pakhi’s photo on her phone which shocks Bulbul. The latter says that this girl looks like her, but she’s more beautiful than the girl in the photo. Dadi says to not joke and shows Pakhi’s family members photo and Agastya’s photo. Dadi says that Agastya is her husband.

Dadi asks if Pakhi is hiding her identity as she hates Agastya. Dadi says that they all need her the most. Bulbul says that she’s lookalike Pakhi, but she’s not Pakhi. Karthik comes and calls out Bulbul. Dadi stops Bulbul and says that maybe Bulbul lost her memory after falling down the cliff. Dadi says that she will remember everything if she stays with them. Bulbul says that she’s not Pakhi and she didn’t have any memory loss. She goes to meet Kartik

Karthik tells Bulbul that there’s dance show in Bombay after three days and she will get paid well. He adds that Bollywood actors are also coming and if they notice her, she can become a star. Bulbul mother arrives there and scolds Karthik and makes him run away. Bulbul says to her to not scold her manager.

She says to her mother that she will participate in the dance show in order to get money for her grandma’s treatment. Dadi watches all this and thinks that this girl looks like Pakhi, but acts differently. Yug and Naveli come to Dadi and take her from there. Yug misses to see Bulbul.

Yug sends Sameer to fill the water bottle. Bulbul is drinking water from the pot. Sameer arrives there and fills the water bottle, but he misses to see Bulbul. Other hand Agastya requests Meera to give him breakfast as he got injected. Meera throws the bread on the floor. Agastya requests Prema to give him the bread. Prema says that it becomes dirt and asks him to take another one.

Agastya says that it was given by his mom and he can’t waste it. Meera also orders Prema to give that bread piece to Agastya. Prema obeys. Pream feels pity on Agastya and wishes that Meera gets punished for her misdeeds. Dadi reaches home. She thinks that that girl can’t be Pakhi. Bulbul is shown coming out of the trunk of the car.

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