Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th July 2022 The teacher calls Tara. She doesn’t show Pakhi’s picture and leaves. Agastya says you’re so cute. She says you’re so cute too. Payal says I will teach this girl a lesson.

Pakhi comes home and cries recalling Samir’s condition. Pakhi says I wish I could make you meet them, Tara. Pakhi calls Tara. She asks is everything okay? She says I am fine. Tara says stay with your teacher.

She says don’t worry mama. Tara does the experiment. Payal looks at her. She throws a matchstick there. Tara’s bag catches fire. She screams for help. Agastya saves her. She gets an asthma attack. Her teacher says her pump was in the bag it’s burned. Agastya says I am taking her to the hospital. Inform her mom.

The teacher calls Pakhi and tells her Tara got an asthma attack. Pakhi says her pump is in the bag. The teacher says she’s taken to Trinty hospital. Pakhi is shocked.

Agastya asks Tara if she feels better. She nods. Agastya says how did this happen. We followed all safety protocols. Agastya says are you okay now? She asks the doctor to take off her mask.

She smiles and says I am Universe’s favorite child. I am fine, smile now. Agastya recalls that Pakhi used to say the same. Agastya ass do you know how did it catch fire? Tara recalls seeing Payal. She says I don’t know.

Naveli says thank God she’s fine. She says you’re so cute. Agastya says did you inform her mom? Naveli says the teacher did. Naveli goes to get her juice. Agastya goes with the doctor. Pakhi comes running there.

She recalls she got her pregnancy news there. Agastya walks past, and Pakhi hides her face. Agastya says why do I feel like you’re around Pakhi. He looks around. Pakhi asks at reception about Tara.

Pakhi comes to Tara and says are you okay? She says yes I am fine and smiles. Pakhi says I told you not to come here. Tara says it could happen anywhere. The nurse asks who are you? Pakhi says to her mom. The nurse says to meet the doctor first. Pakhi says he’s fine. I am taking her. Tara says I need to say bye to Einstien uncle. Pakhi takes Tara. Agastya asks where is Tara? The nurse says her mom took her.

Scene 2
Pakhi brings Tara home and locks the door. She packs the bag and says we can’t stay here. We’ve to go. Tara says the competition is tomorrow. Pakhi says we’ve to go. Tara says don’t be sad, I will be sad too then. We will go.

Pakhi says thank you, let me book the taxi. Pakhi goes out to find a taxi. Her phone rings. Tara picks. He asks are you okay? Tara says yes. How did you get my mom’s number? He says I got it from your teacher.

Why did your mom take you without completing it? She says mama was worried for me. I can’t participate now. My mama will be sad. Agastya says tell me your address I will talk to your mom. She says where do I find the address? He says to find a bill or something. She finds a bill and tells him the address.

Pakhi comes and says I found the taxi. She takes her to the taxi. Tara’s bag falls. Pakhi goes to get it. Tara prays Agastya reaches there. The car stops near Agastya’s car. Pakhi is shocked to see him.

He doesn’t see her. Pakhi says does he know I am here? Agastya says why do I feel like Pakhi is around. He looks around for Pakhi. Pakhi hides from him and gets inside the car. The door is locked. Pakhi hides behind the car.

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