Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th August 2022 Pakhi does pooja. She says Agastya is here but why am I worried for him? Agastya says I am here Pakhi. That man with you is a fraud. Pakhi makes Tara eat. Pakhi asks Agastya to pass the salad. He’s lost somewhere.

Tara says papa mama is calling you. He says sorry I was thinking something. Tara says did you forget your name? He says I am her dodo how can I forget, I was thinking about work. He passes the salad.

At night, Mira calls the fake Agastya and says to learn to stay close to Pakhi. Even if you’re getting married to her tomorrow, you have to do the wedding night tonight. She shouldn’t feel like she’s distant from me. You should thank me you’re getting to spend the night with a pretty girl like Pakhi. Agastya says shut up Mira I will kill him.

Pakhi comes to the room. Agastya says if anything happens to Pakhi I will kill you. Mira says you will see their wedding night here on TV live. Mira turns on the TV. Fake Agastya locks the door. He comes close to Pakhi and hugs her. Agastya looks away in disgust. The fake Agastya says let Tara be with Naveli tonight.

Mira says he’s romantic right? She laughs. Fake Agastya kisses Pakhi. Agastya cries and says Pakhi go away from him. Pakhi shoves him. Fake Agastya asks are you okay? She says I don’t know I don’t feel okay. I am going to Tara.

She leaves. Agastya laughs and says see that’s my Pakhi. You will never succeed.. Nothing has changed. You will never win. You will lose today as well. You’re a loser. He laughs. Mira slaps him and says you will know when your Pakhi gets married to him.

Scene 2
The sangeet starts. Everyone is dancing and celebrating. Mira comes. Tara says it’s my papa and mama’s wedding. Mira wishes them. Tara asks Agastya what’s their favorite song of both of you. You have to dance on it.

Pakhi says tell her our favorite song. Fake Agastya says our favorite song is. But first Tara and papa will dance. Fake Agastya dances with Tara. Dadi sees the wire in Tara’s feet. She falls. Pakhi runs to Tara. Fake Agastya says Tar are you okay? Pakhi says let me get you ice cream. Dadi asks Agastya what’s wrong with him.

She says you pulled the wire and then Tara fell. Pakhi says why would Agastya do that? Agastya says what wire? He looks at the wire and says it got pulled by my foot. He says Tara I am very sorry. How could I be so careless? Pakhi says it’s okay. It was a mistake. Tara says you and mama have to dance hen I will forgive you. Pakhi says papa doesn’t know your favorite song.

Mira’s man hits Agastya and asks about his favorite song. Agastya says okay my favorite song is.. He tells Naveli. She plays the song. Fake Agastya dances with Pakhi. Agastya looks at them on screen and gets angry. Fake Agastya picks Pakhi.

Dadi wonders if she saw Agastya pulling the wire. She says but why would Agastya do that with his daughter? It could be a mistake. She sees Pakhi’s room open. Dadi goes inside. She sees Fake Agastya putting Tara to sleep. Dadi leaves. Fake Agastya says Mira was right. This old woman is very clever. He calls Mira and says don’t worry. I know the old woman was being a detective.

She won’t doubt me anymore. Tara says papa let’s go everyone is waiting downstairs. He says what is this old toy? It’s so dirty. She says I found it in the closet. He throws it. Dadi says in heart this toy was the one Pakhi gave to Agastya. It was the most special to him. How did he not recognize it?

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