Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 9th August 2022 Dadi says I came to call you for haldi, it’s ready. He says Tara let’s go. They go downstairs. Dadi says he isn’t Agastya. He can’t be Agastya, Agastya can never throw this toy. Agastya sees on TV. He says thank you Dadi. Thank you for recognizing him. Please tell Pakhi and stop this wedding. Dadi says i have to talk to Pakhi and stop this wedding.

The haldi starts. Dadi sees burn marks on his chest. She says these marks are fake as well. Prema says Naleema ji you start the haldi. Naleema puts haldi on fake Agastya’s face. Her hands shiver. Everyone is worried. Pakhi says are you okay?

dadi faints. Agastya holds her.. He says dadi are you okay? What happened? Dadi applies haldi on Pakhi. Pakhi says she’s not well. Let me take her to the room. Mona says I will take her don’t worry. Mira says let me help you too. Mona says did you not have breakfast? Mona says let me give you a tablet.

Mona says no don’t give her anything. Dadi lays on the bed. Mira wonders if she’s doubting the fake Agastya. She says if she’s doubting she will try to stop the wedding.

Agastya says Pakhi dadi is fine. It’s okay. Let’s show some excitement. Shanaya and Naveli say let us show you our excitement. They apply haldi on his face. Agastya says stop it Naveli. He says you applied it on my wound. Pakhi says you both should have been careful. Fake Agastya comes to the restoom and cleans his fake wounds. Pakhi comes to the room. He applies medicine. He does makeup on his chest. Pakhi comes. She says are you okay? He says I am fine. Don’t worry.

Scene 2
Pakhi asks Mona is dadi is okay? Mona says she’s sleeping. Pakhi says let me see her. Mona says let her sleep for now, meet her when she’s up. Pakhi says you are right. Pakhi feels like she saw someone running. Agastya comes.

He asks all okay? Pakhi says I felt like someone was here. He says don’t worry I am always protecting you. He holds her hand and says I can’t wait to get married. He kisses her. Pakhi says nothing before the wedding. Fake Agastya wonders who could it be.

Naveli says Tara is so lucky she’s seeing her parent’s wedding. Tara says I don’t like the dress you got mama. Pakhi says you’ve become very demanding. If you ask so much I will ask the teacher to give you a lot of homework. Tara says the wedding can’t happen because of me. Mona asks where did her teacher go?

Naveli says she went out for some work. dadi wonders how I tell Pakhi that guy isn’t Agastya. Mona says mom are you okay? Come sit. Pakhi says dadi I could bring food to your room. Dadi says I am fine. Pakhi says what will you eat? She says I don’t feel like eating. Dadi says to Pakhi I want to talk to you. Come to the store room.

Dadi waits for Pakhi in the store room. Someone comes in. Dadi sees the shadow. Dadi says Pakhi.. Agastya isn’t our Agastya. He’s a disguise. He’s sent my Mira. He threw the teddy you gave to him on the floor. Mira comes.

Dadi says Shardha madam? What are you doing here? Mira says how cute. she takes off her glasses. Dadi is shocked. Mira says I missed you a lot. Give me your blessings. Dadi says that means.. you were behind all this. That fake Agastya is your man too right? I won’t let you ruin Pakhi’s life. I will tell her everything. Mira holds her hand.

Dadi screaams for help. Mira puts hand on her mouth. Pakhi goes towards the store room. Tara stops Pakhi. Mira ties dadi. Pakhi comes to the store room. No one is there. Pakhi looks for dadi but she’s not there. Mira says Pakhi madam..

I was looking for the bathroom. Dadi was here then she left. Pakhi gets a text sorry my friend Sarita isn’t well. I had to go. I will be back in a while. Mira has Dadi’s phone. Dadi is tied behind the boxes.

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