Gathbandhan 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update

Gathbandhan Written Update

Gathbandhan 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gathbandhan 11th September 2019 Episode Start With Raghu comes to market to search for Mirza when he sees Tiwari beating a man. Raghu thinks he is a goon? There is something wrong. He starts following him. Bharat calls Tiwari but he cant hear him. Bharat tells Mai that I will go there and stop Raghu.

Raghu is following Tiwari. Tiwari goes to a den, a woman is kidnapped there, its same woman who had stole Dhanak’s bag. Tiwari tells woman that we cant let you remain alive. Woman says I did what you wanted, you wanted that file so I did it. Raghu thinks that she is a witness, I cant let her die. He creates noise so Tiwari goes to check. Raghu hides. Mai and Bharat enters there. Bharat asks Tiwari if he has gone mad? Raghu is hiding outside den and is about to look inside but Mai closes window.

Bharat tells Tiwari that Raghu is searching and can find you. Tiwari says you handle Raghu, this is not my problem. He points gun at Bharat. Mai says how much money you want? Tiwari says 10 lakhs. Mai says you will get it. Bharat says only when he goes to Dubai. Tiwari says I need money first before going. Mai tells Bharat to lets go. Mai and Bharat leaves Tiwari’s house. Raghu goes inside and grabs Tiwari. He starts beating him. Mai and Bharat sees it. Raghu beats him and says you cheated my Dhanak, I wont spare you. Mai says he will kill him, we have to stop him.

Woman frees herself and says I will finish that Tiwari. She takes knife and comes out of house. She shouts stop, she points gun at Raghu and says let me go, this is not my issue, she runs from there. Raghu grabs Tiwari and asks who asked him to do all that? Tiwari says Savitri. Raghu is shocked and says dont lie. Mai comes there and says you are lying again, Bharat says we doubted him when he left abruptly. Bharat starts beating him and whispers for him to lie and run.

Tiwari says I just wanted money thats why I fooled Raghu. Raghu beats him and says I will kill you. Tiwari pushes Bharat away and runs from there. Bharat says this is my fault, I shouldnt have asked you to trust Tiwari. Mai says you should have been careful. Raghu recalls how Dhanak doubted him and says this is my fault, I should have researched first.

Scene 2
Dhanak tells herself that she has to start a new life.Dhanak comes in market and tries to buy veggies but seller says I dont want to sell to you. Dhanak takes veggies and says I am innocent, my God knows it. Dhanak tells people that maybe no one is with her but her husband is with her. Raghu comes there and thinks I am sorry Dhanak, this all happened because of me.


Gathbandhan 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Preeti asks Dhanak to spend more time with Raghu to move on in life. Otherside Raghu screams thinking he is the reason behind Dhanak losing everything.


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