Gathbandhan 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Gathbandhan Written Update

Gathbandhan 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gathbandhan 5th November 2019 Episode Start With Raghu and Ronak take a selfie together. Raghu says mom should have been here, where is your mom? He says I don’t know. Raghu says I will go and find her, he leaves.
Raghu comes to Dhanak’s room and asks if she is fine? you look worried. Dhanak says everything is fine. Raghu says where are you going? Dhanak says I have some work, I will talk later, she leaves. Raghu looks on.

Real Mai enters the house in battered condition and sees Ronak in the lounge. He takes a picture and sees Mai standing behind in that photo. He turns and says Aaji? Fake Mai Kalavati comes there and sees her. She is shocked and thinks how did she come here? she points the gun at Ronak and turns off the lights. Dhanak asks Ronak to not move. Lights come back and real Mai is gone. Ronak looks at fake Mai and says you changed the clothes so soon? She says I can do magic. Dhanak looks on.

Real Mai hides and thinks that I can’t go into the house when Kalavati here, I have to get help from Saku.
She enters the house and sees Raghu. She is about to approach him but someone hits on her head and takes her from there.

Dhanak thinks that Ronak was saying something about her clothes. She calls her and says what magic did Aaji do? Ronak says first she was wearing torn clothes and then suddenly nice clothes. He shows her the photo. Dhanak thinks that real Mai is in the house.

Akshay brings real Mai away from the house and thinks that I have to end this game soon.

Scene 2
Dhanak comes to Kalavati and says where is Mai? I know she is here. Kalavati says then go and find her. She says I know where she is but I won’t tell you, go now. Dhanak leaves. Kalavati gets Akshay’s call, he scolds her for not keeping an eye on Mai, he says Mai is in this house, I have hidden her but take care of her and don’t do a mistake now. He ends the call and sees Raghu standing here. Raghu says I have some work, he says you got Ronak admitted to the school so you have papers, give them to me. Akshay says that’s good but he will learn goon like life from you, I am not giving you those papers, I can’t give his future in your life. School’s management wouldn’t allow you as you are a goon and only deserve to be a watchman.

Fake Mai steps on a mat and leaves her room. Dhanak sees fake Mai’s footsteps as she stepped on a colored mat. Dhanak thinks now she will take me to real Mai.

Akshay tells Raghu that you can’t accept that you are a goon? Raghu opens his cupboard and some pictures fall down. Raghu finds Mai’s photos in Akshay’s cupboard and thinks Mai in this avatar? Akshay says actually…

Dhanak follows fake Mai and enters a room. She is shocked.

Gathbandhan 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghu asks Akshay what is all this? Fake Mai comes there and sees her dancing photos.


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