Gathbandhan Update – Raghu Dhanak’s jungle trouble


Colors popular daily soap Gathbandhan is gearing up for new drama and twist.Raghu and Dhanak has landed in jungle trouble after bomb blast dhamaka.Raghu and Dhanak face uncounted challenges after they get married.

Meanwhile, after Raghu has proved himself to Dhanak and Dhanak has realized that Raghu has changed his criminal identity,Dhanak surprises Raghu by gifting him a flower and confessing I Like You.Raghu and Dhanak’s trouble seems to not end anywhere soon as here some goons are after them.

Raghu and Dhanak’s life is in trouble as these goons are from Savitri’s opposition gang and plans to kill Raghu and Dhanak.Raghu and Dhanak are thus trying to safeguard themselves to return home and escape from this mess.

Raghu takes oath to not let anyone trouble Dhanak and not even a scratch come over her.Raghu is really moved by Dhanak’s acceptance for his love but is still waiting for Dhanak to confess I Love You to him.It will be super exciting to watch how Dhanak and Raghu’s love story will kick start.

But will Savitri Bai be able to digest their grooving love?Let see what will happen next in Raghu and Dhanak’s cute love story.Will Raghu and Dhanak be able to return back home safely after this jungle trap and dhamaka.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes


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