Ghar Ek Mandir 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghar Ek Mandir 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghar Ek Mandir 15th November 2021 Genda says to Anuradha and Kundan, she did everything to make them happy and had no intentions to hurt them. Genda keeps tea and leaves. Anuradha tells Kundan, she is happy she received flowers, and if you are happy you come out.

Varun says Genda I told you they will be upset, Nisha happy that Genda will be scolded now. Anuradha says to Kundan, if you think Genda is wrong, change the kurta and when you come out throw these flowers in dustbin too. Anuradha leaves.

Anuradha says Genda why cry, you did good, I am very happy, Genda says but Papaji, Kundan walks to everyone with flowers, and says to Anuradha, these flowers on behalf of me, happy wedding anniversary Anuradha, Anuradha says take these clothes from me and I would purchase similar for you. Kundan says don’t cry Genda, look at your beautiful decoration I am very happy, so you be happy too. Nisha feels bad.
Anuradha says I didn’t think today’s day would be so good, thank you Genda

Genda says Papaji you give mummy gift right, Kundan says I forgot, Anuradha says no need I am happy, Genda says Papaji Anuradha fasted for you, you say something, Kundan says I spoke bad the other day and I am sorry to upset you and sorry to forget the anniversary too and sorry I didn’t get you gift too, Genda says you can give her a gift, I have idea, Kundan asks what, Genda whispers to Anuradha, I said 24 hrs, Anuradha says don’t. Genda says Papaji why don’t you dance with mummyji, Kundan says what I will dance, I can’t and don’t like too, and how will I look dancing in this age, Nisha very happy, and thinks good she got scolded.

Kundan puts music, all surprised, Genda smiles at Varun, Kundan says I asked how will I look when I dance in this age, Varun and Manish say yes, Kundan dances with Anuradha.
Varun says Genda you did the impossible and now its my turn and kisses her cheeks, Genda looks at Varun, Shivam says I saw everything, Varun says please don’t tell anyone, Shivam says give me chocolate, Varun says okay.

Maharaji calls everyone in Puja house, and says I will be leaving now, Nisha very happy, Kundan asks why, Maharaji says my work here is done, someone was upset with me and so I was here and now she isnt, Kundan asks who, Maharaji says my daughter but before I leave let me tell you a story, Nisha thinks again his stories.

Maharaji says this story is about, devotion and faith, we have instances in life where we get upset with our God, and my mother told me a story about it, Mahalakshmi is in every women and so you can say Mahalakshmi told me this, so in life I was upset with my God, Genda remembers her journey where she became upset with Maharaji, as Maharaji tells the story. Nisha says good story, was long though. Varun sees Genda is lost in her thoughts, Genda sees Maharaj Agrasen in Maharaji,

Maharaji distribute prasad, Kundan says he will miss Maharaji, Shivam asks when will you come back, Maharaji says when you will call me, Kundan asks and your shop, Maharaji says I was going to shut it but Genda will run the shop now, Kundan asks why her, Varun can do it, Maharaji says I should leave.

Genda stops Maharaji outside door, Maharaji asks Genda what is it, Genda says your story, it felt like it was mine, Maharaji says I know it, Genda says bless me and touches his feet, Maharaji blesses her as Agrasen Maharaj.

Maharaji says as blessing here, hands her brick and coin and says you will need it. Varun calls Genda, she turns around and then sees Maharaji isn’t around, Varun walks to Genda what is she doing here and what is this brick. Genda says Maharaji gave me this and can we go to Agrasen Maharaji temple, Varun says yes but you say you didn’t want to go, Genda says today I feel like. Varun says okay.

Manish wearing tie, Nisha sees him struggling Tie and says learn from me I am such quick learner, Nisha sees newspaper, and reads Siddhant Sinha who is going to buy shops in Ucha Mahajani and will open Gold Jewellery company, Nisha says Manish look he is so handsome and rich, but how will this news matter us and leaves.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Siddhant Sinha’s team tells Kundan that Siddhant wants to buy this shop. Kundan says this shop isn’t for sale, Siddhants team says if Siddhant wants this shop he will get it Manish happy that the shop is for sale, and tells Varun they should sell the shop, Genda denies to do so, Manish says then you will be responsible for what happens next


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