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Ghar Ek Mandir 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghar Ek Mandir 16th November 2021 Vinod, Siddhants manager arrives at Kundan’s shop, Kundan greets him, Vinod says I am Siddhants manager, and we are here to buy shops and the 10th shop is your, 9 are done, Kundan surprised, Varun sees the shop deals, Vinod says there is nothing impossible for Siddhant Sinha and he will do everything to get this shop, so what is your price,

Kundan says whoever may be Siddhant Sinha and this shop is not on sale, Vinod says we want 10 shops in line, and if you don’t give yours we will be in loss and anyways we are ready to pay you twice than market price, Kundan says you may give anything but this shop is not for sale, Vinod says haven’t you heard no, Varun says my father says no, leave now, Kundan says this shop isn’t for sale please stay away.
Vinod leaves.

Genda in Maharaji’s temple waiting for Varun, Varun rushes to her and says sorry I was stuck in a delivery, and why you standing outside, Genda says I am back after so many days, so wanted to go in with you, Varun holds Genda’s hand and both walk inside.

Panditji happy to see Genda and says you are here after long, did you forget this place, Genda says just missed my path, Panditji says you two pray, I will arrange for aarti. Genda prays Maharaji I am sorry for not keeping faith in you, by not accepting your promises I was never happy, and says Varun this small idol I got it here when I was angry on Maharaji and now I have realised my mistake and want to take it back, Varun says I am always there for you Genda and now my devotion on Maharaji has grown, Papa met you in this temple right and after knowing you, I have more faith in Maharaji.

Genda picks the small idol and says I am very happy today and all feels like a beautiful dream and feel like my confidence is back and can do anything.
Genda and Varun leave.

Vinod calls Kundan and asks for his decision, Kundan says I don’t want to sell it, Vinod says you have too, Kundan says its my decision I won’t sell, Vinod says I am telling for your good and we are paying double too, Kundan says we are not interested and stop calling us.

Anuradha walks to Kundan and asks why is he so stressed, Kundan says I have headache, Anuradha says tomorrow I am going with Genda tomorrow, do you want anything, Kundan says no buy for others, Anuradha says okay and leaves.

Manish walks to Nisha and asks for newspaper, she read Siddhant Sinha’s news in, Nisha gets newspaper, Manish shows Nisha the news and says he is going to help us, he has bought 9 shops and 10th shop is ours and in double amount, Nisha says oh wow, Manish says but Papa won’t agree to sell the shop, Nisha says he doesn’t understand work things you talk to him and shop is already mortgaged and we all know Varun is good for nothing and what will Shivam do because we will have no money for Shivam’s future, so go.
Manish says first I will talk to Varun.

Varun says to Genda, he misses Maharaji, Genda says but I feel he is around, Manish calls Varun, Varun asks what is ot, Manish says come sit, and says I heard about Siddhant Sinha’s offer and I want us to sell shop and talk to Papa about it and I need your support, Anuradha asks what are you discussing, Manish says mummy you know we are in debts and shop is mortgaged too, so I think we have to sell this shop, I understand this shop is ancestral but we have to save ourselves and so think about it, Varun says Papa has decided,

he won’t sell the shop, Manish says what, why didn’t you stop him, he made a huge mistake, Genda says Papa did right, I know we are in problem but that doesn’t mean we sell our ancestral shop, Nisha says Genda, have told you so many times stop interfering, Manish says Nisha is right, you have no knowledge about all this, and Varun, Siddhant will buy our shop,

Genda says we aren’t scared of him, he might be a big business man and we are big here and together we will fight anyone, Manish says what nonsense you saying, Varun says she is right, and Papa is right and I am with him, Anuradha says Varun and Genda are right and you calm down, Manish says you don’t know Siddhant Sinha, I know him very well, he wjll for sure buy our shop, Genda says we won’t sale against our wish, Manish says okay but you will be responsible for everything that happens next.Manish and Nisha leave.
Varun asks Genda not to worry, Anuradha asks who is this Siddhant Sinha, Genda says forget him are we going shopping tomorrow, Anuradha says yes.

Anuradha and Genda shopping, Genda sees Anuradha is lost and asks what’s wrong, Anuradha says I am thinking about Siddhant Sinha, and what Manish said is scaring me, and your Papaji was worried too last night and I heard him talking on phone and I feel something bad is going to happen. Genda says we didn’t do anything wrong why something bad will happen to us.

Siddhant Sinha on bike with bodyguards following him, dashes Anuradha and leaves. Anuradha falls down. Siddhant stops his bike, Genda helps Anuradha get up, Anuradha says she has hurt her leg, Genda makes her sit properly and sees her leg.
Siddhnath gets of his bike.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Siddhant wears his jacket and glasses and walks to Anuradha and says I will repay for everything, Genda says shutup, Siddhant says do you know who you talking too, it’s Siddhant Sinha.Siddhant Sinha gives Genda money and says it’s a way to say sorry, Genda throws his money, Siddhant lights his bike and says whoever ditches me burns this way, bike or human.


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