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Ghar Ek Mandir 18th November 2021 Siddhant’s guards inform his father that, Siddhant is in prison, his father feels uneasy hearing that, guard says Sir don’t worry he will be out soon, his father has asthma issue and asks to call Siddhant right away.

Siddhant on call says I am in office all good, his father says I know you are in police station, I am coming right away, Siddhant says don’t worry Dad I will be fine and will manage, it was just a little accident but a girl created whole issue and called police, Dad says teach her a good lesson. Siddhant says don’t worry I will and she will never forget this lesson and you take care and let me talk to Rakesh.
Siddhant scolds Rakesh for informing Dad.

Inspector asks Siddhnat why did he mess with a girl, Siddhant says girls are mess and can I leave, Inspector says she has filed report so I have to take action and she shouldn’t have ill talk about your mother, Siddhnat says it was her crime and she will bare consequences, Siddhnat gets bail and is asked to come give attendance.

Varun and Genda together, Genda asks Varun why is he so worried about Mummy, Varun says I am thinking of Siddhant, Genda says why worry about him, we will fight him and not be scared of him.

Siddhant gets home and sees his Dad is alseep on chair, puts blanket over him, Dad wakes up and asks is he fine, did he eat anything, Siddhant says I am fine, did you have medicine, Dad says I forgot, Siddhant says don’t worry I am here and gives Dad medicine and asks to rest, Dad says I. always worried about you, you are everything for me, I didn’t do anything for you, you have taken care of your father and business. Siddhant says all is good, Dad asks did you get 10 shops I am sure you did, Siddhant says you are right, Dad says make sure you teach that girl lesson, women don’t understand until taught properly just like your mother. Siddhant says don’t worry you rest.

Varun says Genda I am worried about you and others, Genda says don’t worry, we all will be fine. Door bell rings, Varun checks, a delivery boy hands him a box.
Siddhant thinks of his Genda’s words that his mother did.

Genda asks Varun who sent it, Varun says don’t know and opens it, Genda sees lot of torn papers, and says what is this, Genda finds another packet in it, opens it and finds another, she keeps opening and finds broken rare view mirror of bike and a letter.
Siddhant looks at his mothers photo and says you are my mother but the way you left me and Dad, I hate you, because of you my Dad is in pain and is scared, but I will take care of him and look at me where I have reached, everything changed in these years except one that is my hatred towards you, I hate you and throws the photo frame.

Genda reads letter its from Siddhant, it reads I burnt my favourite bike, so now you decide if you are my friend or my enemy.

Siddhant makes himself a drink, ans has broken glass in his hand and thinks of Genda’s hurtful words about his mother and breaks glass in his hand and says that shop is mine now because it’s personal now and not just business and teach that lady a lesson.

Varun looses his calm, Genda says calm down, Varun says look how he is troubling us, Genda says he did all this for our shop, he will understand soon, Varun says he is not a good guy, I will go to his office and teach him a lesson, Genda says please calm down, look at Mummy she is so scared, Papaji is tensed and Manish bhaiya is scared too, so don’t mess now, we will fight on good terms and in limits

Siddhant says you will come begging to me asking me to buy shop, and you will fall in my feet, I will break this pride and attitude of yours, a woman should never have so much attitude.

Genda says to Varun, we are together and have Maharaji’s blessings too.
Varun and Kundan in shop, Varun about to leave for delivery, Amit Arora from Wonder bank, arrives and asks for documents he submitted and says shop papers say the shop is yours but whose land is this, Kundan says mine, Arora says show land papers. Varun says what, Arora says occupational papers and it is not yours, so the loan will be cancelled now, if you don’t submit papers in a week, you will have to give whole loan amount and interest and also I heard you messed with Siddhant Sinha, don’t do this, he is fire and you eill turn to ashes and leaves.

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