Ghar Ek Mandir 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghar Ek Mandir 1st November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghar Ek Mandir 1st November 2021 Varun remembers Kundan keeping money and asks him when you have money why not oay debt, Kundan says this is saving for future and my father and grandfather taught me that a locker shouldn’t be empty and so never touch this money.Varun in customer pressure, opens locker and returns money and apologize and asks customers to leave.Varun says what will I tell Papa now.

Kundan is welcomed as new Kosha Adhyamsha, with Garland and hands him the keys and says this has every member committee papers, gold, and money and its Kundan’s responsibility to take care of it.Gopal is informed Varun didn’t deliver the necklace and also paid advance back. Gopal says if he doesn’t have money how did he pay debt, and still has money and how will he manage remaining debt.

Genda calls Varun and asks will he be there for lunch and did he sort delivery issue, Varun says he won’t be there for lunch and says delivery will take place don’t worry, Genda says thank god, Varun says I am busy bye Genda and Nisha buying sarees, Nisha says Genda I didn’t like anything did you, Genda says even I didn’t, I have an idea lets do online shopping, Nisha says fun but I never did,

Genda says let me help you, Nisha says I liked this saree it will look so good on me, Anuradha says stop, and says I have seen you two doing against our wish, online shopping is not for us, like we always do shop keeper will come home and we will buy sarees from him and Nisha you wear this saree and Genda you wear this, Nisha says but, Anuradha says I said you eill wear this final, and asks shopkeeper to take money from shop

Kundan arrives at shop and starts looking for locker keys, he asks Varun about it, Varun hides it in pocket, Kundan says may be I left home, and I wanted to keep these papers safe and is delivery ready, Varun says I gave it and payment they will give later, dont worry, Kundan says okay but be careful and take money from them without fail because we have to pay remaining debt too, Varun says yes.

Genda stops Anuradha and says I see you are very worried dont be we will do as you say, you didn’t eat anything too, please have something, we can’t help men but can help them by taking care of ourselves, Anuradha says when men won’t eat how will I, Genda says by you not eating it won’t help them and we need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of them.

Anuradha says I don’t understand your things but your different thinking wont separate my family and things I want will happen here and leaves. Genda says I know we think differently but one thing is common and that is we are women and can understand your pain and I wish even you understood.Maharaji in his shop says this is societies biggest problem, a woman becomes other woman enemy for a better society women need to support eachother and this will happen surely and women will stand together against the society.

Kundan at dinner table asks Anuradha for shop keys, Anuradha says you took it with you to shop. Maharaji smiles, Kundan says I wanted to keep important files of Kosha Adhyaksh, and people trusted me on that, Maharaji says yes people have trusted you, like you trust Varun, right Varun. Varun says yes. Nisha thinks no one talks good about me and my husband. Genda thinking why is Varun so worried.Kundan says Anuradha come lets find keys together in room, Varun says excuse me and leaves.

Genda asks Anuradha can she help her find keys, Maharaji says Varun looks so dull, is he fine, Anuradha says Genda you look after Varun, we will find keys. Maharaji thinks Genda your one lie has put everyone in countless difficulties.

Varun in his room says Keys are with me and I lied, if someone finds it, it will be very bad and keeps in jeans pocket. Genda walks to Varun and asks did Papaji misplace the key, did it fall down somewhere, any idea, Varun says no, Genda says give me your jeans I will put in laundry, Varun says no its fine,

Genda says give it and keys fall down, Genda says these are shop locker keys, he is so worried, why didn’t you give him if you had it, Varun panics, Genda asks are you hiding something, I will go return these keys, Varun says stop Genda.Varun says Genda you don’t need to give it to Papa, Genda says why, Papaji is so worried, what are you hiding and you said we are together in this then why hide. Varun says I don’t want to hide and holds Genda’s hand and makes her sit and tells her what happened at shop.

Genda says Varun this is wrong, you have to tell Papaji, Varun says it’s done now we can’t tell truth, he was so happy today and will sleep peacefully and I don’t want to hurt him, and I need your help please don’t tell him, Genda says hiw long will you hide we need payment too and to hide one lie, we have to lie so many times, Varun says this is for our family and will tell truth when it is time.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopal asks Kundan to open locker, with duplicate keys, Kundan opens it and sees there is no money.Kundan collapses in the house and says Ramesh stole money, he cheated on me.Genda says to Varun what did you do, why did you put blame on Ramesh.


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