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Ghar Ek Mandir 25th August 2021 Genda says to Kundan she wants to return the Jewellery, Kundan says you dont worry about that I have discussed with Santosh, you kids shouldn’t talk between elders,Genda says we kids can share our thoughts with elders right, Varun thinks she cant use brains now look, Genda says to Kundan, I am very grateful and happy I am going to be part of your family, I found my father in you, who cares so much about her daughter in laws family too, you sent us this jewellery so that our reputation is taken care of, so that people will think my father gave me these, but Papaji please understand, if I wear these in name of my father, his soul will be so hurt, and every fathers dream is to do something for their kids, Kundan remembers he once said, a father’s duty is to make his kids stable, Genda says if I accept these Jewellery society will accept us but my guilt will kill me, it will be like my father wasn’t enough for me, my father is no more, his name will always be with me, I respect your thoughts for us, and dont worry I will never disrespect you, I promise you. Kundan accepts the jewellery and smiles at Genda, Genda thanks him. Genda leaves.

Kundan says Varun keep this inside, I found a diamond, you are very lucky to have Genda as your wife.

Anuradha behind Shivam to have food, Shivam says he is not hungry, Nisha runs behind him too, Varun hands Chandrahar to Anuradha, Anuradha asks what is it, Varun says Genda returned Chandrahar, Anuradha asks why, Varun looks at Nisha says all aren’t greedy for it, Anuradha says what will she wear now, she didn’t wear saree we gave and also this she returned, what will people think, Varun says she promised Papa that she will be ready as we expect and and you are getting a daughter in law just like you want. Anuradha leaves.
Varun looks at Nisha and says bhabhi, I didn’t know Genda is simple and innocent, you must be so happy to have a sister in law like her, Nisha says yes very happy, Varun says get me a sandwich now, and don’t add too much spice and leaves.
Nisha says this Genda is either too smart of foolish, lets see how she lives up to her promise.

Genda prays to Maharaji, I know you won’t let my promise down, I have full faith in you.
Kundan says Genda wont break promise Anuradha don’t worry, Anuradha says how will they manage and returning Jewellery isn’t that wrong, Genda says she did it for her father’s respect which impressed me and her belief I have trust in that, I am thinking of meeting pradhanji, but these works need money, Anruddha says all will work don’t worry and Ratan will come too, Kundan says will meet Pradhanji before that, and hope he gives money on time.

Santosh upset, Genda sees her. Harsha tells Genda, Santosh is upset about finances and we are getting no help, how will we manage jewellery.
Varun thinking from where will Genda manage money, if she doesn’t my reputations at home and market will ve ruined, I should talk to her and tell her consequences.
Pankhudi says Genda did you do a mistake by returning jewellery, Genda says no, I did what Maharaji said and now he will guide me, Harsha asks did Kumarji, the art dealer call you, you can sell paintings and take advance, Genda says that is last option, Genda gets call from Varun, Genda receives it scared, Varun asks how is she, Genda asks is everyone at home and you fine, Varun says all good why, Genda says sorry, Varun says I understand you are stressed because of marriage, shall we meet, Genda says we have wedding tomorrow, people will ask me, Varun says cmon, you are nervous too and so lets meet at 4 PM, Genda says but, Varun says don’t you want to meet, its just today we will meet as girlfriend and boyfriend, from tomorrow we wilo be husband and wife, Genda says okay.
Pankhudi says go meet him its good, Harsha says we will manage, you go meet him.

Anuradha performs Ratan’s aarti, Ratan keeps note bundle in thali, Anuradha says keep this, you should give only shagun, Ratan says its my nephews wedding don’t worry. All dance and celebrate.
Ratan and his wife Rashmi take a seat, Varun walks to them and take blessings, Varun says I will be back soon, Ratan says its your wedding, Varun says will be back soon, Gopal says Ratan you rest, I will finish work and catch up, Ratan leaves to attend a call, Anuradha takes Rashmi with her to show wedding shopping,and calls Nisha to join them, Nisha whispers Manish to talk to Ratan Mama.

Varun meets Genda in a cafe, Varun says I love Irish coffee here, Genda sees Kumar hasn’t replied even after seeing message, Varun asks all good, you are checking phone, Genda says all good. Varun says Genda you returned jewellery, I am happy about that, Genda says really, Varun says why won’t I, you have showed so much dignity, I am very happy and I am sure you will fulfill your promise you made to Papa. Genda gets reply from Kumar, that he couldn’t manage money.

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