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Ghar Ek Mandir 25th October 2021 Varun says to Kundan he should think once before, Kundan says when a father has son like you, I don’t need to think because of you I can return debt and got my reputation back and secretary asked me to fill Kosha Adakshya form and this is all because of you.

Kunean fills the form, Gopal, Harish, Kailash don’t like it. Kundan thanks Maharaji and leaves with him. Gopal thinks even I have filled the form and won’t give up easily.

Kundan says to Maharaji, Varun knows his responsibilities and soon Agarwal’s will be best in the city and I hope I did right filling the form. Maharaji says you did because its going to help me increase Genda’s problems and make her strong.

Gopal walks to Kundan and says before you came these people made me fill the form too and so I think I should step back. Kundan says no ways because how does it matter who wins between us and leaves. Harish says to Gopal that you will keep waiting and he will win everything because he doesn’t care about you, Gopal says he won’t be Kosha Adhyaksh, I will be and di anything for that

Kundan gives everyone sweet and says Anuradha about the Kosha Adhyaksh incident. Nisha says my favourite sweet why but, Kundan says because my younger son gave my reputation back unlike elder son who left me alone. Manish feels bad and leaves. Maharaji walks in, Kundan gives him sweet, and says because of you we got the client and Varun I had so many misunderstanding for Varun but now I believe he is capable, Genda sees Varun isn’t happy and is worried since returned.

Maharaji says Genda did you eat sweet because you own the credits, Kundan asks what credit, Maharaji says there is woman behind every successful man, Kundan says yes you are right. Anuradha says lets have dinner. Maharaji thinks soon all will know the truth and accept it too.

Nisha says to Manish why didn’t you answer Papaji, Manish says I have lot of work other than this, Nisha says why get angry with me, Manish says because I listened to you and accepted the job, Nisha thinks this is all because of Genda and Varun and soon Papaji will praise only Manish and for that I have to find Genda’s personal work.

Varun locks all doors and windows, Genda says what are you doing, Varun says this is so that no one sees us, Genda says don’t worry, I have finished all work and now we will work together but why are you so worried, we are going to work together we should be happy, Varun says I am happy but just pressurized, first time I have taken a responsibility for our family and dont want to fail, Genda says you won’t fail and the secret is between us, a perfect husband’s perfect wife.

Nisha tries to spy on Genda and Varun, Varun and Genda working inside, Nisha thinking why are lights on and what they must be doing inside, Varun says Genda will we be able to finish, Genda says yes. Nisha goes to kitchen and gets tongs, and a stool, she steps on it and tries to sneak in through window, Varun says I think someone is outside, Genda says all are sleeping lets focus on work.

Maharaji sees Nisha trying to sneak in, and snaps his finger. Shivam wakes up and sees Nisha isn’t beside him and goes to look for her. Varun gets tired, Genda says go rest for sometime, Varun says without you not possible, we will do everything together. Shivam walks to Nisha and pulls her saree, Nisha falls down, Manish wakes up with the noise. Varun and Genda quickly hide things. Nisha slips tongs under the table.

Genda and Varun walk out of room and help Nisha and ask how did she fall, Nisha says I was trying to move this chair, Shivam says but you were standing on chair. Varun looks at Genda.

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