Ghar Ek Mandir 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghar Ek Mandir 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghar Ek Mandir 28th October 2021 Genda reaches Agarwal’s shop, she opens lock and goes inside, and locks the door. Genda looks at the empty frame and says soon Papaji will find the deserving and his ancestors will be proudl of him.

Kundan address everyone and says I will fulfill everyone’s wish, Harish, Kailash say but make sure you first pay us and then talk about others responsibility, Kundan and says me and my son have returned money and will return remaining half too and will fulfill all my responsibilities and if someone does something wrong and a strong punishment will be given and thank you for this opportunity.

Gopal leaves angry and upset. Kundan asks Maharaji where is Gopal, Maharaji says must be something important.

Genda working in store, she says looks like all work will be done today and Varun will be so happy and even Papaji will be proud of me.Kailash and Harish feed negativity in Gopal’s head, they see there is light at Agarwal shop, Gopal sneaks in and sees Genda inside, Gopal thinks Kundan is praising Varun and looks like Genda is working in his name, I have to find truth.

Genda hears footsteps and slowly goes switches off light. Gopal says call police there is thief inside. Genda hears that and panics, Kundan is informed there is thief, Maharaji says lets go check and thinks Genda this test is going to be hard.

Genda hears police siren, Police knocks the door, Kundan arrives too, and says it must be Varun, Gopal says he would respond then, its definitely thief, Genda panics inside. Police try to break the door, Maharaji thinks this door open only when Genda opens it. Genda says God what will I do now, how will I face Varun, Maharaji thinks Genda come out and accept the truth and you will have Varun to support you, Varun worried about Genda gives her a call, Kundan hears ringtone and says this sounds familiar, Genda cries tell Varun about situation.

Varun says I told you be careful, what will we do now, Genda says I took all the care, Varun says don’t open door until I come and no one should find about designing, Maharaji thinks this is what all should learn that Genda is doing designing, Genda its time to tell the truth, Maharaji puts on the light. Genda switches it off, Maharaji switches it on, Genda gets confused and tries again but it doesn’t go off.

Varun reaches shop and asks whats wrong, Gopal says there is thief inside, Varun thinks there is no chance to save ourselves now and messages Genda, I am here come out, theres is no way to hide, Maharaji thinks Genda come out tell the truth. Genda opens the door, Everyone shocked to see her.Gopal smiles.

Kundan asks Varun what is Genda doing here. Everyone start asking what is Genda doing inside, Police asks is she your family member, Kundan says yes, Police scold Kundan and then leave, asking Kundan to look after his family.

Gopal asks Genda what were you doing inside, Kundan says answer Gopal, Genda says Papaji I will tell you the truth, Maharaji thinks good Genda tell everyone the truth, that you are hope to Agarwals.

Genda says I came here to take Jewellery design arrangements for Varun, all were sleeping and you were not there too, and Varun wasn’t doing well and I came here so that Varun can work home, Kundan says so Varun asked you to, Genda says no I came myself, Kundan says why didn’t you open the door, we kept calling from outside, why were you hiding?

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Ghar Ek Mandir 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gopal says why will shop not run, Daughter in law works more than son.Anuradha scolds Genda and says she will breath with Anuradha’s permission.
Genda says to Varun how will they work now.


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