Ghar Ek Mandir 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghar Ek Mandir 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghar Ek Mandir 2nd November 2021 Varun thinking how will he manage 50,000, Kundan says Varun is Ramesh he hasn’t come to shop yet and its diwali season. Kailash and Harish walk in, Kundan asks what you want, Harish says we want our remaining money back, Kundan says I will come tomorrow and pay, we will get order money tomorrow and I will give it to you, thank you, you may leave. Kundan says to Varun, throw money on their faces when we get money back, I will return their every single penny, Varun thinking how will he manage money tomorrow.

Genda in kitchen thinking about Varun’s problem of money, milk about to spill, Maharaji switches off the gas, Genda says thank you, Maharaji says I am here to help but you need to take care and what are you hiding, Genda says nothing why will I, I am not, Maharaji says right also you arent among the ones who lie and you know truth is like medicine, bitter but beneficial and lie kills human from inside and you are Maharaj Agrasen devotee, you won’t lie, Maharaji thinks Genda this is your last chance to choose the path of truth and leaves

Harish and Kailash say to Gopal, he said Kundan will beg infront of him but Kundan is ready to return money, Gopal says but order isn’t delivered and advance is returned too, what is exactly cooking.Varun on calls with friends trying to manage money, but couldn’t get any help.

Kundan walks in with a key maker, Varun gets scared. Varun thinks he has to come up with some plan and says association people had called him and ask him to come, Kundan says me, okay I will go and come back, Kundan leaves.Varun asks Key maker to quickly make keys, key maker makes duplicate key hands it to Varun and leaves.

Key maker leaves, Kundan walks in and asks Varun who called, Varun says may be there was network issue so I heard wrong may be, Kundan says oh the key is ready and takes it from Varun and says Varun this key is yours now, Gopal walks in, Kundan says with other responsibilities you will handle this too, and any news of Ramesh, Gopa gets sweets and says I was here for Dhanteras and so got you some sweets too, Kundan says so lucky to have a brother like you, Gopal says business doing well, Kundan says yes all good and I have Varun.

Gopal asks did Harish and Kailash trouble you again tell me, Kundan says I will return money by tomorrow, Gopal thinks Varun looks disturbed and Kundan happy which means Varun returned money from locker and didn’t tell Kundan, Gopal asks what key is this, Kundan says lockers new key, Gopal says check it once,

Kundan forces Varun to open door. Varun opens locker, Kundan sees its empty, Gopal says oh my God its empty there is no money, Kundan says where is money, what all is this Varun, Gopal says lets report in police there is theft, police will catch thief and I think someone from inside has done this work because only money is missing, so we need to inform police, Kundan says only me and Varun come here and oh no Ramesh is missing.
Varun remember Ramesh inform him about going to his village to attend a wedding and inform Kundan about it.

Kundan asks Varun did he speak to Ramesh, Varun says no, Kundan says this is definitely Ramesh, he broke my trust, Gopal says come let’s make an FIR, Varun says wait don’t do this, I will talk to Ramesh, Kundan says I will wait till tomorrow and of doesn’t return I will report him. Gopal thinks today or tomorrow, truth will be out, son in jail and their reputation all damaged.

Kundan and Varun get home, Kundan thinking about his debt, Kundan collapses, Manish and Varun rush to him, Anuradha, Nisha arrive too, Kundan pushes Manish away, Genda abd Maharaji arrive too, Kundan says my own people cheated me, Genda thinks Kundan found out the truth,

Kundan says Ramesh stole money from locker, Manish says Ramesh can’t do this, Anuradha says even I don’t believe, Manish says I will go his home and check, Varun says me and Papa just checked, Kundan says I treated him like brother and trusted him, I won’t spare him and lodge FIR against him tomorrow, I curse him, and starts crying.Genda looks at Varun, and nods no and remember Maharaji words that how lie destroys things
Maharaji thinks Genda speak up tell the truth save your family.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kundan says I won’t spare Ramesh and his family, Genda says wait Papaji, Anuradha says I told you so many times not to interrupt, Genda says please let me tell the truth, Kundan asks what truth, Genda says Varun took the money and not Ramesh uncle, Anuradha slaps Genda.


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