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Ghar Ek Mandir 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghar Ek Mandir 30th August 2021 Kundan says if this wedding doesn’t take place today, there will be no marriage for next 6 months, Kundan gets a call from Genda, Kundan says how do I tell her the situation, Anuradha says atleast talk to her, Genda says Papaji we aren’t getting any lead, Kundan says same here dont worry I will manage, Genda says Papaji I have a suggestion, Kundan asks where, Genda says Maharajis temple, there is a community hall behind temple, Kundan says so many people how in community hall, Genda says temple is my second house and have help there too, Kundan says it’s your wedding, how will you work, you don’t worry, Genda says you said we are a family, and my family needs be and Maharaji will bless you, Kundan says I have full trust in you and your faith.

Genda tells everyone, Kundan agreed and thanks Maharaji. Ratan says to Kundan he found a hall but we have to shift the time, Kundan says no required marrige will take place at Maharajis temple, Nisha says look at this, how will guests feel now, Gopal says but how will our guests fit, Kundan says Genda said she will manage. Kundan walks to Manish says the work I asked my son to do my would be daughter will be doing, shame on you Manish and now I am more happy about my choice, and I am so proud, she knows meaning of a family, Gopal says this is very nice, Kundan says tell all relatives, Ratan says I will send cars to banquet to help guest transport.

Santosh says Genda I am so proud of you, Genda says I told you Maharaji will help us, look you didn’t let me go temple so he called us, now all will be fine and now will take clothes I made for Maharaji. Santosh says you get ready and also check on jeweller, Genda gets his call.

Varun says to Kundan, why didn’t you tell me, Kundan says now your wedding will take place in community hall, and we don’t have any option and guests are informed too and you inform guests too. Varun leaves, Gopal and Ratan tell him all work done and Gopal shows him necklace he took for Genda.

Jewelee hands Jewellery to Genda, Santosh says very pretty but how did you manage, Genda says Kumarji gave me money.

Jeweller says his staff sees gold water Jewellery works.

Ratan looks at the necklace says my shop makes same, Kundan says I understand real and fake, Ratan says people like design not real and fake, Kundan says 18k or fake, I don’t like any, I don’t know others my house women won’t touch fake or 18k. Gopal says sure.

Santosh says Genda, Kundan will be proud of you to see wearing this jewellery. Genda’s family busy at wedding preparations in Maharaji’s temple, Genda working in arranging too, Madan gets necessary accessories.
Genda supervising food too, all people start helping Genda, Madan says Genda its very good today and some Sadhu are coming too lets make them different parsad, Genda says our food is prasad too and we will be grateful if they have it.
Babaji walks to Genda says you are getting ready because he is coming, Genda says these are my wedding preparations, Babaji says so guests will come, those who are close to you will also come and its all for him.
Genda confused.

Santosh calls Genda and says you go get ready, Genda says there is so much work, Santosh calls Pankhudi and Harsha and ask them to take Genda to get ready.

Kundan asks Varun to get ready for barat, Varun says I want to go to washroom, Gopal says wedding can wait but washroom can’t, Kundan and Varun laugh, Manish asks Varun did he send doctor invitation, Varun remember doctor says he is not fit for wedding, Kundan says Varun did you give card to doctor Sharma, Manish says our car is going that way so,Kundan asks Varun did he give invitation, Varun says yes I did, but he is busy and gave me best wishes, lets go, Kundan says wait, don’t you want to go washroom, Varun says yes I will be back.

Genda gets ready, she wears the jewellery she rented. Varun says I hope Sharma never meets doctor, Varun decide to have tablet and says no wait I won’t repeat what happened in engagement and has one tablet.

Barat arrives, Genda ready, Harsha and Pankhuri go to see barat.Genda sneaks too and slowly sees Varun seating on horse, Shivam sees Genda sneaking and says Varun uncle look at Genda aunty, Varun sees her jewellery, Kundan takes a look too, Anuradha thinks today she is looking like our bride, Varun thinks she today did keep her promise. Nisha thinks how did she manage this, Kundan thinks good she kept her promise, she is looking just like I want.

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