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Ghar Ek Mandir 31st August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghar Ek Mandir 31st August 2021 Harsha, Pankhuri take Genda inside, Santosh walks to Varun and asks him to break Toran, Varun does so and walks to her for Aarti, Santosh performs gis aarti, and tries to Pull his nose, Varun dodges, all laugh. Santosh bless her. Genda asks what must be happening, Harsha says Milne Ritual where everyone from grooms family is welcomed with garland and gifts, Pankhuri says Harsha you know everything.

Kundan meets Phuphaji and apologise for change in location, Phuphaji says this happens but this new location is so spiritual.
Nisha tries to pull Varun’s leg and says temple may not bring your good photo, Varun says I don’t know about you but I and Genda will look very nice and she fulfilled her promise,didnt you see, she is looking so pretty, Nisha feels bad, Varun says click my good pictures withy Bhabhi, Nisha leaves in anger. Bhabhi says Nisha you look so pretty, Nisha says you too where did you get this ring, Bhabhi says its imitation, anyways will meet Aunty and come back. Anuradha asks Santosh to call Genda, Nisha says I will call her and thinks now I will find how Genda managed Jewellery.

Genda prays Maharaji I grew up here and always followed your advice, you always were my support and starting new life from here and you will always be in my heart and have your blessings, Harsha and Pankhuri apply her Kala Tikka, and Genda hopes all goes well, as till now, Harsha says I was so worried about jewellery but you managed, Genda says Maharaji did and that jeweller wanted me to wear gold plated jewellery, Nisha thinks Genda wore fake Jewellery, Genda gets a call from Nilam and she asks them to come to Mandap, Nisha hides they leave.Nisha says so she is wearing fake Jewellery and now let me see how she marries Varun.

Panditji calls everyone for pooja, Anuradha asks Santosh where is Genda, Santosh says Nisha went, no worries I will go call, Santosh says here she comes, Genda standa beside Varun, Panditji starts pooja. Genda prays she wants Maharajjs blessings, Few Sadhu walk in, Genda prays she wish Maharaji has her wedding food and it will be like Prasad, Madan sees Sadhy walk in and says Sadhu Maharaj’s are here, Genda sees Sadhu’s face and it resembles Agrasen Maharaj, Genda joins her hands, Santosh asks Genda where she is lost, Genda realises it was her imagination but very divine experience.
Madan says to Kundan, all these Sadhu are back from Himalaya we are blessed to have them here, all take Sadhu’s blessings, Sadhu says you are Genda right, Genda says yes, how do you know, Sadhu says I read your name on invitation out, Kundan takes blessings, Sadhu asks who are you and what you do, Kundan says my name is Kundan Agarwal and I deal in golds, Sadhu says honesty and faith is everything if you believe fake is true than so it is or can call real fake too, Kundan says yes. Sadhu says this girl Genda will increase respect of your family. Nisha thinks god knows about increasing but will surely insult us, and I am here to help with that, Kundan asks Sadhu’s to have food, Sadhu says sure, Ratan says its time for marriage let’s go, Kundan takes Sadhu’s with him.
Genda feels very divine.

Nisha asks Varun how excited he is, and says tour fate but, Sadhu was so right, Genda will increase our pride, she surely did by fulfilling her promise but Jewellery who cares that it is fake, Varun stops and looks at Nisha, Nisha says I heard her say that its fake but I won’t tell anyone, you know I am good at this and so I told you because she didn’t listen when you asked for saree and now this, Varun asks how do you know, Nisha says I am a jewellers daughter, I understand all this. Varun looks at Genda and gets angry, Nisha asks him not to stare at her, its very obvious, Manish says cmon lets go on stage, Harsha asks Varun to hold Genda’s hand, Manish says yes Varun give her hand, Varun holds Genda’s hand, both get on the stage, Varun imagines everyone laughing at him, Varun says if Nisha is right, it will be very bad for Papa, Nisha gives Varun garland, Varun thinks I won’t marry her is this is fake Jewellery and Manish and Bunty pick Varun while exchanging garland, Genda exchange garland, Varun gets angry thinking of jewellery and yells at everyone.

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