Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 11th January 2022 Sai requests Samrat not to get angry and think from her perspective, she cannot live here by hurting her self-respect. Bhavani says she wants to defame Chavan family in her hostel.

Sai says she couldn’t get out information about Shruti from Virat and is just worried about family’s dignity. Bhavani says she will even question Virat who is that woman who entered his life even after knowing he is already married. Ninad says she is their bahu and he and Ashwini will not let her hurt her self-respect and leave this house even if they have to ask Virat to go from here.

Sonali mumurs with Omkar that this house has become a TV serial drama. Omkar says this house looks like a circus to him. Sai tells Ninad that she respects his concern, but she cannot let him sacrifice his son for her and hence they should happily accept a woman Virat has accepted. Ashwini scolds her to stop thinking wrong. Ninad says that woman has ruined their lives. Sai says they should accept Shruti as their real bahu and welcome her.

Bhavani warns her not to teach them whom to accept and whom to reject. Sonali says she is the first woman who wants to sacrifice her husband to satisfy her ego. Samrat asks her to get into senses and not support a woman who ruined her life.

Sai says Shruti didn’t harm her, its Virat who gave her place to Shruti and chose Shruti over her; Virat took decision of his life and now she will take a decision of her life. Ashwini says they have see love for Sai in Virat’s eyes and he needs her.

Sai says its too late and they should accept the truth as soon as possible; she respects their feelings, but doesn’t need anyone’s favor; she wants to let a person live freely without any hindrance from her. Ashwini asks to think about them also, how will they live without her as she made her realize her identity and helped her and Ninad revive their relationship. Sai asks her not to say that.

Mansi says she took this decision in anger. Sai says she knows the truth. Mohit says he shouldn’t have informed Virat’s truth to family. Sai asks him not to blame himself. Mohit says she cannot go from here and has to cross his dead body if she has to. Sonali and Karishma yell at him not to say that. Sai asks if their bonding will end if she leaves this house.

Virat walks down. Pakhi blames Sai that she is shrewd and to gain family’s sympathy, she didn’t inform them about Virat’s presence at home. Samrat asks when did he come. Ninad asks if he was with that woman.

Virat asks him to think well before saying that. Ninad says she has crossed all his limits and asking him instead to think before speaking, he is feeling ashamed with Virat’s heinous act and is unable to face Sai. Virat asks what can he do when one wants to live her life as she wishes. Pakhi asks it means Sai packed her bags in front of him and he is letting her go. Samrat says Pakhi is right. Sai says he tried to stop her,

but when she questioned him, he couldn’t answer her. Ashwini warns Virat that if he thinks he will send Sai out and bring that woman home, he is wrong. Virat says he never said that. Bhavani says they gave him freedom to study whatever he wanted to and become whatever he wanted to, but he ruined family’s dignity. Sonali says people will talk about Virat’s affair soon.

Virat says they are all thinking wrong. Pakhi asks him to explain them what is special in Shruti that he left Sai and accepted her. Virat warns her to stop comparing Sai and Shruti as they both are different and he has separate place for them in his life. He warns family that they should discuss all this nonsense among themselves and not in front of him and should stop talking cheap about Shruti as she is not present here.

Ninad says his son is talking about another woman in front of him. Ashwini asks why he is against whole family for a woman he met 4-5 days ago. She holds Sai’s hand and asks him to leave this house instead so that Sai can stay here. Family standsd shocked hearing that.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai returns Virat’s wedding ring and leaves his house. He thinks he will not repeat his words and doesn’t have strength left to prove himself innocent.


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