Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 1st June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 1st June 2021 Virat tells Pakhi that he didn’t know about his niece until yesterday, whom he met her yesterday. He says his happiness was short lived, as Harini couldn’t accept Devi Tai as her mother due to her mental condition. He says my heart broke seeing this and that’s why planned this surprise. He tells Pakhi that he wants to gift this skit to Devi and Harini both and needs her help. He says I asked for your help being your friend. Pakhi looks at him. Virat says I can’t force you to help me. Pakhi holds his hand and stops him.

She asks him to say what to do, as you regarded me as your friend. She says but you are more than a friend to me. She says I will fulfill my friendship with you. She says I don’t want to share anything with Sai, but will play Devyani Tai’s role in this skit for you. Virat thanks her and thinks Sai and Pakhi both don’t like each other, hopes nothing wrong happens today. Sai is waiting for Virat. Karishma sees Virat and Pakhi coming and goes to inform Mohit. She says sorry to him and says your first play is going to be flop before the start and that’s why I said sorry. Mohit asks her to be silent. Karishma says if you don’t want the divine learning then its ok. She says it will be blast if heroine and villain are together. Mohit asks her to keep her mouth shut.

Virat and Pakhi come there. Virat says Pakhi agreed to help us. Sai says you agreed even though you know that you have to act with me. Pakhi says your existence doesn’t matter to me, I am doing this role just for Virat and haven’t thought about you. She says I would have done this role with someone else too, as Virat asked my help as a friend. Virat asks Bappa to stop Sai from answering Pakhi. Sai says we have to make devi and harini feel special. Virat says we shall start the rehearsals. Mohit says you both are actors in the play so all the responsibility is on you. Ashwini and Sonali come to the party hall. Virat teases them. Ashwini asks Sonali to tell the guy not to tease the young girls. She laughs. They ask Virat how are they looking? Virat says awesome and asks shall I call Omi Kaka to praise you. Sonali runs behind him. Ashwini says she is excited to see Harini, as girl came in their house after Devi. Sonali says yes. Ashwini says she brought gift for Harini. Sonali says if Bhavani gets upset. Ashwini says she don’t care. Virat asks her to be polite today as the day is of Devi and Harini.

Ninad, Omkar and Bhavani come there. Virat tells that he is happy to see them here, and asks them to ignore something if they don’t like. Bhavani says she has come for her daughter and will not do anything special for his niece. Virat says you are harini’s nani and you both are her nanas. He gets pulkit’s message and tells Bhavani that chavans shall welcome them. Bhavani says ok. Ashwini and Sonali ask about Sai, Pakhi and Mohit. Virat says they are planning for a skit. Mohit asks Pakhi and Sai, if they are ready with their dialogues. Pakhi and Sai say ok. Sai says lets go and unite both mother and daughter. Pakhi says she knows responsibility of the house and worries for the home more than her. Sai says atleast our thought match somewhere. She gets a message and goes to welcome Harini.

Pulkit comes there with Devi. Madhuri brings Harini. Pulkit holds her hand. Sai and Virat come wishing her happy birthday. Sai does her tilak and aarti. Devi hugs Bhavani. Virat says this is not the part of our plan. Sai says it was surprise. Virat likes her. Devi and Bhavani compliment each other. Bhavani asks Pulkit and Harini to come. Virat asks Harini to greet her Nani. Pulkit asks her to greet her Nani. Harini greets her. Bhavani blesses her. Virat introduces Ashwini to Harini. Ashwini gives a gift to Harini. Harini says she likes Bappa. Devi says your Mamma and your liking is same, and says same pinch. Harini pushes her hand and gets upset. Pulkit holds Devi’s hand.

Virat calls Harini and makes her meet Pakhi. Pakhi gives her a gift. Harini asks where is my elder mamu? Pakhi gets sad. Harini asks Virat, why her elder Mamu is not with Bade Mami. Virat says you will meet him soon, he is very nice guy than me. Pakhi thinks even he knows that Samrat will not return. Virat takes Harini to stage and says surprise.

Devi asks Sai if she decorated all this and tells that it is all lovely like Harini. Harini gets upset with her. Devi says my Harini Pari and claps. Sai stops her and says there are many surprises. Virat asks if she likes it. Harini says yes. Pulkit tells Harini that as she is meeting her mother’s family for the first time, they did all the arrangements. Harini says they are so good and makes face seeing Devi. Sai tells Harini that she will make her meet an angel who loves her very much. Harini asks who is that angel? Sai asks her to sit with her Nani until then? She asks Madhuri to take her. Bhavani is upset. Virat hopes everything goes fine.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The play starts while Virat narrates the story. Pakhi and Sai enact the roles of Devi and Harini. Sai pushes Pakhi on the stage. Pakhi looks at her upset.


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