Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 20th April 2021 Sai with Usha returns to Gadchiroli. Pari gets happy seeing them and calls all neighbors. Neighbors get happy seeing them and invite them to their house. Virat returns home. Pakhi asks why did he come alone, where is Devi. Bhavani asks when he had gone to bring Devi along, why didn’t he bring her back; if her daughter is fine. Ninad asks if he arrested traitor Pulkit. Sonali asks if Pulkit did something again. Bhavani asks him to give Pulkit’s address, she will go and bring Devi back home. Ashwini asks why is he silent. Pakhi as usual starts spilling venom against Sai that she must have reached Pulkit’s house and must have stopped Virat from bringing Devi home. Sonali yells again. Mohit requests her to stop badmouthing about Sai as Virat hasn’t spoken yet and let him speak first. Karishma asks Virat if Sai was staying at Pulkit’s house. Omkar says where else she will go, a thief will go to another thief’s house in distress. Bhavani yells that Sai is a menace and will not get out of their lives easily. Pakhi asks why he is silent, as a family they should support each other, if Sai did something again. Virat angrily shouts to stop.

In Gadchiroli, neighbors ask Sai if damadji/Virat didn’t come with them. Usha cries. Sai says she left Virat and his house permanently. Aunt says she is bonded to Virat for lives. Usha says Virat broke that bonding in seconds. Kale says Virat cannot ransack Sai like this and has to come here and take her back as he willingly took Sai’s responsibility. Sai reminiscing villagers forcing Virat to take Sai’s responsibility they forced Virat to take up her responsibility, she is fine and returned hhome, so they need not worry about her. Aunt says Sai and Usha can stay in her house till they want. Kale says Virat took responsibility to make her a doctor, she cannot live her studies midway. Sai says she promised her Aaba to become a doctor and will fulfill her promise whether someone supports her or not. Usha asks how will she from here. Sai says she came to Gadchiroli to draw Aaba’s money from bank and drop Usha here. Usha says she will not leave her alone. Sai says she will stay in a hostel. Usha says she heard Virat saying that only unmarried girls can stay in hostel. Sai says she will request Dean sir to permit her. Usha says they can rent a house in Nagpur. Sai says they cannot afford it with Aaba’s remaining money, she will return to take her back once she becomes a doctor and will rent a small flat for themselves. Usha says they can stay in Pulkit’s house. Sai says she cannot expect help in exchange of help; Usha should stop worrying about her and live here peacefully so that she can complete her studies peacefully. Usha prays god to clear Virat and Sai’s differences and reunite them.

Virat warns Pakhi that she defamed Sai a lot and shouldn’t even take her name again. Ashwini gets worried for Sai and asks if Sai was at Pulkit’s house. Virat says she wasn’t there, its not possible now to arrest Pulkit or bring Devi here without her wish. Pakhi again starts spilling venom against Sai and says if Sai has done something, he shouldn’t yell at her instead and tell what problem did Sai create now. Virat says he create problem instead by misbehaving with Sai due to his lack of knowledge. Bhavani says whatever he did with Sai is very less. Virat says whatever Sai did with them is less as they are culprits and not her. Bhavani asks him to be specific. Virat says Pulkit’s official document has Devi’s name. Bhavani gets tensed thinking Virat found out truth. Ashwini cries saying she told her daughter is right, but nobody listened to her and kicked her out of house at midnight. Mohit says he already told that Sai will not take such a big step without any reason, Sai was right. Karishma asks him to keep quiet as everyone is angry now. Bhavani asks Virat if there is a proof that Pulkit had married Devi before. Ashwini says Devi is a proof as she herself told that she remembers marrying Pulkit in temple, now with Sai’s help they married again. Mohit says Sai is punished for reuniting 2 true lovers, is its a big sin. Karishma asks him to stop supporting Sai as he cannot justify her act. Mohit says this family’s elders did really wrong with Sai. Sonali yells at him. He says they should be happy that Devi is back to her husband.
Pakhi says she cannot understand why Pulkit did come to see Devi for so many years and suddenly remembered on Maha Shivratri that he has a wife; maybe Pulkit married some Devyani or changed Sangeeta’s name to Devyani. Bhavani says Pakhi is right, Pulkit tricked them. Virat says one of their family member tricked them instead.

Kale says Virat cannot do injustice to Sai, he has to come here and apologize Sai and take her back home. He calls Virat. She snatches his phone and warns to not call Virat here; they should understand that they can seek someone’s favor but not their love and place in their life; Virat will never accept her. Usha says Virat is lucky to marry her and doesn’t realize what he lost. Sai says when he doesn’t bother, why they are worried. Usha says she has seen Virat supporting her and caring for her. Sai says she doesn’t want to think or listen about her past and doesn’t want anyone in her life who doesn’t trust her.

Virat continues that Pulkit didn’t trick but one of their family member. Bhavani asks him to be specific. Virat walks to Omkar and says he had gone to Sai’s college to reverify Pulkit’s official documents and found out that someone tampered documents and changed Devi’s name with Sangeeta’s by bribing college staff; he is none other than Omkar.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21st April 2021 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ashwini asks Virat if he will go to Gadchiroli.Viat says he will go Gadchiroli and apologize Sai and bring her back home. Sai reminiscing holi day incident when Virat expressed his love for her.


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