Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th April 2021 Sai tells Virat that she took her decisions practically and not emotionally, so she requests him humbly to go from there. Virat says he will not go from here. She says he will waste his time then as her decision will not change. Lavani dancer Barkha tai enters saying when stubbornness wins, it means relationship is losing. They are all surprised to see Barkha there. Barkha says she had come to her old house and heard someone telling that Virat came to take Sai home, so she came here remembering Sai telling she is also from Gadchiroli. Kale says Sai will make Gadhiroli proud like Barkha as she is becoming a doctor. Barkha says is it and asks Sai why she doesn’t want to go with her husband. Sai says Virat is not her husband anymore as he broke p with her. Virat agrees and says he wants to keep this relationship intact. Barkha says Virat loves Sai and is apologizing by heart, she saw love in Virat’s eyes for Sai. Sai says she respects her, but she doesn’t know how badly Virat behaved with her and Usha tai. Barkha says humans make mistake and when they apologize by heart, they should forgive them as forgiver is bigger than apologizer. Virat requests to at least listen to Barkha tai and return home. Sai says she has already taken a decision.

Usha says she is happy that she decided to forgive Virat and return home with him. Sai says she has decided that she will never go to Chavan Nivas with Virat at any cost. Barkha says but.. Sai says she earned a lot of fame both inhouse and abroad and must have met people who didn’t respect her talent. Barkha says she met many. Sai asks if she will visit them if they felicitate and award them. Barkha says she will not as her self-respect is most important to her. Sai says when Virat ruined her self-respect, how can she go with him; Virat broke relationship and not her. Barkha tells Virat that she knows his family since years and hearing about his worst behavior, she cannot tell Sai to accompany him. Virat says even she is ashamed about his behavior, he hurt Sai and insulted her and hoped she will forgive him, but will not forgive her. Kale and Usha insist Sai to forgive damadji. Virat says they shouldn’t force Sai, Sai may not return home with her, but whenever her anger calms down, she should inform her, he will pick her from wherever she is and will wait for her whole life. Sai says he shouldn’t wait for her as the relationship which is not valued and respected is better broken and suggests him not to do this with anyone else again. She runs to her room crying. Virat walks away sadly wiping is tears. Serial’s title track plays in the background.

Virat returns home. Mohit and Ashwini get happy seeing him hoping Sai returned home with him. Ashwini asks Virat to freshen up and she will serve them food as she knows they both are hungry after a long travel. Ninad yells if he brought his wife back. Ashwini asks where is Sai. Mohit asks if he didn’t bring her back. Virat stands silently. Pakhi says Sai must be waiting near door, so Karishma should bring aarti thali. Karishma asks why. Pakhi says Sai is expecting Chavan family to fall on her feet and apologize and greet her in, Sai would definitely come if Virat has gone to pick her. Shivani also questions Virat. Virat says Sai didn’t come with her. Pakhi asks Ashwini and Mohit not to get sad as she is sure Virat will go again to apologize and bring Sai home, Sai will as usual act at first and then will accompany Virat; they must have realized by now that Sai has decided to return home and is waiting to make Virat feel more guilty and obey her. Ashiwini warns her to shut her mouth up as she doesn’t need her advice. She asks Virat to tell her what happened in Gadchiroli. Virat says Sai didn’t forgive her as he behaved really badly with her, he lost right to bring her back, she clearly told she will not return. Bhavani and her puppets smirk hearing that.

Pakhi asks till when Sai will be angry on Virat. Virat says maybe whole life. Ashwini says Sai is this house’s bahu and will return for sure. Mohit asks how will Sai complete her studies without coming here. Virat says Sai doesn’t need Chavan Nivas for her studies, she will stay in Nagpur though. Pakhi says she doesn’t believe that Sai will not return to this house. Bhavani backs her. Ashwini asks Virat if he apologized her properly, he should bring this house’s bahu at any cost. Virat sits and says he tried a lot to convince her, but she didn’t as her self-respect is hurt and his apology will not fill her wound; he told her that whenever her anger calms down and she wants to return, she should inform him and he will reach wherever she is to bring her back home. Ashwini asks if he will sit silently till then. He says he will try even 1000 times to convince her but will not force her. Pakhi says Sai is forcing him to bend in front of her, can’t he understand that Sai is acting to make him feel more guilty and fall on her feet. Virat shouts he will not listen a word against Sai.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th April 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Virat informs Pakhi that he loves Sai after seeing her sacrifice for this house; 2 people fall in love at first site and then later their love vanishes, its same with them. Pakhi shatters hearing that.


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