Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th May 2021 Sai tells Virat that he will get just one laddoo. Virat says I want all the box. Sai says ok, I will eat this. He asks her to give and tries to get it. They fall on the bed together. Sai asks if he is fine. He holds her hand and tries to get closer to her, but then eats laddoo in her hand. Title song plays….Sai says you are bad. Virat says yes, a bad guy. He says I am hurt, but I am a police officer. Sai says you are very bad. Virat says the sweet gets sweeter in your hand. Sai takes the box from there. Pakhi feels threatened about Sai and recalls Virat taking Sai’s side. She thinks Virat is attracted to Sai and doesn’t see anyone else. She thinks Sai is also making place for herself in his life. She thinks what to do? She thinks Virat needs to take medicines now, I have to give him and make him realize about my importance.

Sai comes out from the bathroom and wipes her hair. Virat admires her. She dries her hair with hair dryer and is about to tie her hair, he asks her to let it be open. Sai asks him to concentrate on the book. Virat says what to do when the reality is more beautiful than stories than what someone can do. He tells a poetry praising her beauty and comes to her. Sai smiles shyly. He frees her hair. Music plays. Virat says I have brought gift for you. Sai asks why? Virat says thank you gift for whatever you have done for my family and me. She asks if you have brought saree then it will be of no use, as I don’t wear it. Virat says it is not saree, I have thought about this gift carefully. Sai says you are just telling and not giving. He asks her to close her eyes and thinks how to tell you that I have fallen in love with you, incomplete with you and thanks her for coming in his life and for completing him from being incomplete. Tujh Sang Bair Lagaya plays. He goes near her to kiss her, just then Pakhi comes there and gets shocked seeing him about to kiss Sai.

Sai asks if this is your surprise. Virat says I didn’t know that Pakhi will come here without knocking the door. Pakhi says sorry. Sai asks why is she saying sorry and tells that they are habitual to her habit of not knocking the door. Virat tells Pakhi that she shall have knocked the door. Pakhi tells that she has important work so she came and says sorry. She says if I had known that your private moment is happening here. Sai says private moment. She says husband and wife’s room are their private space, but you don’t understand, tells that she is not surprised and then tells Pakhi that she couldn’t understand as she couldn’t spend even a night with her husband. Pakhi gets teary eyes. Virat tells Sai that she shall not insult Pakhi like this. Sai says I didn’t mean to insult her, I am telling truth. Pakhi says I have some important and personal work with him. Sai asks her to tell straight that she shall leave them alone and asks why she is getting complicated like jalebi. Pakhi says I didn’t say this. Sai says you hinted saying personal work. She says I don’t like to interfere in others’ personal matters, don’t know how you do it. She says she will go out.

Virat holds Sai’s hand and tells that I am sure that Pakhi can tell infront of you. Pakhi tells that she got a mail from her bank and they want her to add nominee. Virat says so. Pakhi says she was thinking to give his name as her nominee. Sai and Virat are surprised. Virat asks why you want to give my name as nominee. Pakhi says who else I know from this family. Sai says I heard that husband and wife, brother, sister can become nominee. Pakhi says there is no such rule. Sai says you can make anyone as your nominee, and tells that there are many people in the house. Pakhi says you are having objection to a small thing. Virat says it is not a small thing, you can’t make me nominee, as I have no right on you. He asks her to give her Aai and Baba’s name and give Samrat’s name later when he returns. Pakhi says I just asked for your sign and not your life.

Virat says it is strange that you want to make me nominee and suggests her to add Mansi’s name. Pakhi says ok, I will refuse Bank authorities. Sai asks her not to emotionally blackmail Virat and asks her to ask herself why she wants to make Virat as her nominee. She says if something happens to you, then if Virat has the right on your money. Pakhi says I am not talking to you. Sai says you are among the lucky ones, who has your Aai and Baba. She tells that nobody can have more rights on you than your parents. She says I am not having parents and you both can understand my pain. Virat says yes, I can’t understand your pain, but can share your pain.

Pakhi is shocked seeing Virat seeing only Sai’s pain. Pakhi tells Sai that she is having much knowledge and wants to say that she don’t value her parents. She tells that you have not become great by getting Devi and Bhavani reconcile. She says I know better how to value relations and how to take care of close family. She says I am not selfish like you. Sai says if I didn’t care for relations then wouldn’t have stood with my husband. She taunts her for coming to their bedroom late night. Pakhi says I came to ask help from Virat. Virat asks Pakhi to understand what Sai wants to say. Pakhi says you don’t want to help me, I will see what to do. Sai asks if this was your important work. Pakhi says yes. Sai says if this was your important and personal work? Pakhi says yes, why are you asking? Sai asks why can’t you wait till morning and asks if you want to submit his sign right now. She says didn’t you know that Virat wants to rest now. Virat says Sai is right, as your work is not urgent, you will submit your documents in the morning. Pakhi gets tears in her eyes. Virat asks why are you crying? Pakhi goes from there.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 25th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai brings decoration stuff for birthday party. Bhavani asks if she is going to selling it. Ashwini asks whose birthday is today? Sonali asks Pakhi. Pakhi says she doesn’t know my birthday. Sai tells that Virat will make special preparation for her birthday. Virat says yes.


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