Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 25th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 25th July 2022 Sai tells Pakhi that the latter cannot go out as its raining and when Virat informed about the latter’s wish to have ice cream, she got it for her. Pakhi asks if Sai is thinking about locking her in the house for 8 months, then she should forget it. Sai says Pakhi can go out for doctor’s checkup.

Pakhi asks who made her a doctor, a person will get bored seeing her face. Sai says nobody dies due to boredom, Pakhi should look at herself in a mirror and see a woman who was eager to become her baby’s mother;

she should follow the responsibility when she took it. Pakhi shouts what is her problem, instead of being thankful, she always taunts her. Sai says her baby’s life is at risk. Pakhi says she didn’t know this would happen, does Sai want to repeat it repeatedly.

Sai asks her to stop frowning and have ice cream. Pakhi asks which flavor is it. Sai says everyone’s favorite vanila. Pakhi says she needs chocolate flavor and asks Sai to tell Virat to take her out. Sai says she has solution for that and brings chocolate ice cream. Pakhi says her mood changed and she needs strawberry flavor.

Sai brings different flavors and says she can choose whichever she wants to have. Pakhi shouts to call Virat. Virat walks in and asks what is happening. Pakhi shouts he promised to fulfill her wishes. Sai says she bought ice cerams from Virat’s card. Pakhi says Sai wasted Virat’s money. Sai says they value for money and have decided to have ice cream party with family after Pakhi chooses her flavor. Virat agrees. Pakhi frustratedly picks one bowl.

Sai serves icecream to whole family. Bhavani likes her idea of partying with whole family. Sai says Pakhi wanted to have icecream, so she got it for whole family. Pakhi gets jealous seeing family praising Sai and thinks she will not let her garner the attention. Ashwini scolds Sai for taking care of everyone except herself and asks her to take care of herself as she is going to be a mother soon.

Sai says she will and says she wants to talk something important to her. Ashwini takes her to her room. Sai says she wants to learn weaving baby sweater. Ashwini asks her to get woolen from her cupboard and asks why she is smiling.

Sai says she is pregnant. Ashwini jumps with happiness. Sai says she believes everything. Ashwini says she is a mother who wants magic in her children’s lives. Sai says she is pregnant with Pakhi’s womb and will not plan a second child until the first is born.

She then gets sad that she lost her mother when she was born. Ashwini says she got her mother back in Ashwini and teaching her how to weave sweater says Sai would become a good mother. Sai walks to her to show her weaving skills ot Virat and collapses. Virat rushes to her and makes her lie on a bed. Ashwini also rushes to her and says Sai forgot to take care of herself while taking care of Sai.

Sai opens eyes. Virat scolds her and says he will take care of her. Sai jokes it would be a triangle then, she will take care of Pakhi and he will take care of her. Ashwini says Sai’s care is Virat’s responsibility from hereon and says she will bring food for Sai. Virat scolds Sai while Sai jokes with him.

Next morning, Sai wakes up Pakhi and forces her to perform yoga. Later during breakfast, she stops Pakhi from having oily food. She then serves her medicine. Pakhi says she feels neausous with the medicine smell and yells at her not to ruin her mood. Sai says she has to obey the doctor in some issues and offers her medicine.

Pakhi throws them in a dustbin once Sai goes out. Sai notices that and gives her medicine again. Pakhi argues with her. Sai walks to Bhavani that Pakhi complains that she pesters her always, but she is just taking care of her. She informs that Pakhi threw medicines in dustbin.

Bhavani calls Pakhi and asks why did she throw medicines in a dustbin. Pakhi asks if Sai backbited on her. Sai says Pakhi doesn’t take care of herself properly and has to be forced, so she has decided to do one thing.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai asks Pakhi to sign a document that she will handover Sai’s baby after delivery. Bhavani asks who does this with a family member.Pakhi asks Sai to take each family memeber’s signatures first.


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