Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 26th April 2022 Rajiv asks Sai if she is planning something. Sai says she is not as she realized that however tight they hold a sand in their hand, it slips off. Virat tells Shivani if she wants him to perform her kanyadan, he will definitely perform it. Shivani claps. In the evening,

sangeet ceremony starts. Ashwini greets Rajiv and his sister Anuradha and asks about their money. Anuradha says she passed away, but she and Rajiv are each other’s family. Mansi says they are also his family. Rajiv says they are meeting after a long time because of his stupidity. Samrat says let us forget the past and start afresh.

Rajiv hugs him. Anuradha asks where is Sai whom he was talking about. Rajiv says maybe she is getting Shivani ready. Mohit hopes Sai is fine as she was upset in the morning. Virat thinks where Sai must be.

Someone calls Virat and he excuses himself to attend him. Samrat calls Pakhi to introduce her to Rajiv and Anuradha, but she excuses herself saying Bhavani is calling her. She walks to Virat and confronts him that he is fighting with family and helping others getting married, but didn’t fight during their time. Virat asks her not to trouble herself and him by recalling old memories. Pakhi turns and sees Samrat standing .

Bhavani joins family. Rajiv flirts with her. Bhavani gets angry. Anuradha says she met everyone except Sai. Bhavani asks if she knows Sai from before. Anuradha says Rajiv told Sai is the one who reunited him with Shivani.

Bhavani asks what does she do. Anuradha says she is a wedding planner. Bhavani asks if she liked the arrangement. Anuradha finds flaws. Bhavani asks her to plan the wedding then. Anuradha wholeheartedly agrees. Rajiv jokes howmuch money will they get, then says its okay as its a family wedding. Bhavani asks if she is married. Anuradha says she will after Rajiv’s marriage. Mansi asks Bhavani to maintain her calm as they are from bride’s side.

Samrat asks Pakhi seeing Shivan’s sangeet ceremony if she recalled their unfortunate sangeet ceremony, she was dancing with him but was longing for Virat; asks if she wanted to marry Virat. Pakhi angrily agrees. Samrat says she was imagining Virat in him the other day. She says she is speaking what he wants to hear and tries to leave.

He stops her and says she knows that she is lying to herself and one who does that will stay alone forever. She asks if he is foretelling her future or cursing her that she should be alone her whole life. Samrat asks what does she want. Pakhi murmurs she wants Virat’s transfer to be canceled and Sai go away from Virat’s life.

Anuradha thanks Virat for helping Rajiv get back his love and asks what about his love. Virat stands blank. Anuradha says she is talking about Sai and asks why is Sai taking time as if she is a queen. Rajiv says Sai is not less than a queen. Virat excuses himself. Anuradha says she can understand that Shivani is taking time as she is a bride, but is Sai taking so much time to get ready.

Shivani gets Sai ready and says she is looking beautiful like a new bride. Virat walks in and stands stunned seeing Sai ready. He asks why she got ready like a bride. Sai says why is he bothered when he broke up with her. Virat walks away. Shivani tells Sai that Virat is mesmerized with ther beauty. Virat rejoins Rajiv and others and looks at stairs. Rajiv taunts if he is looking for Sai.

Pakhi sits beside Bhavani and asks why she got ready like a queen when she didn’t want to attend Shivani’s wedding wholeheartedly. Bhavani says she is a head of the family and cannot let the family’s dignity ruined for anyone, there won’t be any difference between her and Sai if she raises her family issues in front of everyone.

Pakhi asks why did she accept Rajiv suddenly when she hates him. Bhavani says Rajiv is no one to her, she just respected Virat’s request. Pakhi says Sai will think Bhavani’s influence has lessened as she is winning again. Bhavani says let the rat think same. Pakhi brainwashed her that Sai is getting everyone back into her team, she will become a doctor and practice medicine, but will never behave like a Chavan bahu.

Sai walks down with Shivani. Sunny announces Sai bhabhi is coming. Everone look at her, Bhavani’s team stand jealous while Virat gets lost in her beauty. Mohit records Virat’s reaction. Sonali taunts she got ready as if she is a bride. Karishma says she is looking pretty and Virat can’t keep his eyes off her. Sunny taunts Virat.

Virat shies away. Rajiv says his would be wife and MIL are looking gorgeous. Anuradha asks who is his MIL. Rajiv reveals that Sai and Virat agreed to perform Shivani’s kanyadaan and introduces Sai to Anuradha. Anuradha says let us take bride and groom’s pics with Virat and Sai. Virat forcefully poses with Sai and tries to leave. Rajiv stops him. Pakhi stands jealous.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajiv collapses while dancing during sangeet ceremony. Everyone rush to him. Sai checks his breath and says there is no need to take him ho hospital.


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