Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 28th April 2022 Virat asks Sai to do whatever she can to save Rajiv. Sai say she will try her best and performs Rajiv’s CPR. Rajiv opens eyes. Shivani and Anuradha get happy seeing that. Samrat tries to lift Rajiv. Sai stops him and asks where is the ambulance. Ambulance reaches and ward boys carry Rajiv on a stretcher.

Ashwini thanks god that Sai saved Rajiv on time. At the hospital, doctor treats Rajiv while Chavans sit outside ICU room. Shivani cries worried for Rajiv and says she got him back after years and don’t want to lose her. Sai and Ashwini assure her that Rajiv will be fine. Anuradha says he has to get well as there is no one in her family except him. Ashwini asks her to trust Bappa.

Sai walks to Bappa’s idol and prays god not to give more troubles to Rajiv and Shivani and save Rajiv. Virat prays Bappa to listen to Sai and save Rajiv for Shivani’s sake. Sai assures him that nothing will happen to Rajiv as he convinced the family with great difficulty for their marriage.

Virat asks where does she get such a great confidence from. Sai says one has to be positive in life and Bappa helps one who are confident about themselves. Virat says their confidence couldn’t clear the differences between them, maybe she had broken the thread of hope between their relationships. Sai says it needs 2 people to maintain a relationship, he has decided to go away from her, and if he had decided not to break their relationship at any cost, their differences would have been cleared long ago.

Ashwini thanks Sai for helping Rajiv reach hospital. Sai says she just did what a dear one does for another dear one, Rajiv is marrying Shivani and she just wants to see Shivani and all her dear ones happy. Ashwini says she fights for everyone’s happiness, but why didn’t she fight for her son; she is happy that Sai is becoming a doctor,

but why didn’t she try to save her son’s life. Sai apologizes her and hopes she could have gone back in her past and change things which are troubling Virat, but Virat doesn’t want to forgive her. She asks her if she can forgive her as she wishes her motherly love. Ashwini says when the right time comes, she will find the same love for her. Sai hopes that day comes soon.

Doctor comes out of ICU and informs that Rajiv is out of danger now, his heart had stopped beating suddenly and if Sai had not given CPR to Rajiv on time, they couldn’t have saved Rajiv. He praises Sai for her timely action. Shivani thanks Sai for saving Rajiv’s life. Samrat says Sai proved that she is a college topper. Mohit says Sai took timely action and saved Rajiv. Anuradha says Sai is a god to her who saved her brother’s life or else she would have lost hope. Ashwini consoles Anuradha. Shivani and Anuradha rush to Rajiv and express their happiness seeing him stable.

Sai tells Virat that she didn’t come here to cancel his transfer or request him to give her a second chance, she wants to request him to give a second chance to his family. Virat asks why is she talking about it now.

Sai asks if he saw Anuradha’s pain seeing Rajiv’s condition, he should imagine Ashwini’s pain seeing her son’s condition then and his mother is in deep sorrow seeing his son’s rudeness towards her. Virat says he doesn’t have the strength to forgive his family and hence he is going far away from them. Sai says he cannot get away easily, world’s biggest truth is death and they try to ignore him, he shouldn’t wait for the right time and lose it. She says he knows that everyone has to leave this world including him, her, and his family.

Virat asks why she is talking like that. Sai says she wants to explain him that there is no guarantee for life and says one cannot see important things in anger like she couldn’t see him helping Shruti and Sahas and wants to apologize him for that. He asks if she wants him to forgive her. She says she is not saying that, she is an orphan and knows the value of family, so he shouldn’t ignore his family in anger. She continues her explanation and says he can be happily only if he keeps his family happy.


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