Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29th April 2021 Pulkit asks Sai why she thinks Virat is a problem to her, didn’t he do anything good to her. Sai says he did help her, but this relationship was bound to break as Virat had already informed her that there is someone else in his life. Pulkit says things have changed now and their feelings for each other have changed. Sai says nothing has changed and she will not come between Virat and someone else. He asks if she doesn’t consider Virat and her marriage, then why she thinks this relationship gave her pain, in fact she considers Virat as problem, why is she affected. She says she is not, maybe she wrongly chose word problem.

Pakhi asks Virat what wrong did she say to him, she just asked if he will call and inform her about his whereabouts, at least she can expect it. He says he cannot promise, why is she expecting from him. She says she knows how it feels when they don’t get information of dear ones. Bhavani says Pakhi is right as Samrat also went on a similar mission. Ashwini asks her to speak good and tells Virat that god’s blessings are on him. Virat says he doesn’t know if there will be mobile network at the place he is going. She asks him not worry as she will also not meet Sai and insist her to return home. He says she shouldn’t think of bringing Sai back home, but if she meets Sai, she should tell her that Chavan Nivas’ doors are always open for her. He leaves home.

Sai tells Pulkit that she always dreamt of becoming a doctor and fulfill her Aaba’s wish. Pulkit asks if Virat didn’t help her in her dream, he cares about her, didn’t she feel he didn’t do anything which will bind her with this relationship; its easy to break the relationship but difficult to maintain it. He asks her to come and stay in his house with Devi. She says she cannot as there is not relationship left with Virat. He asks if she doesn’t have any relationship with him and Devi, doesn’t she consider him as her jija/BIL. She says she has already spoken to dean and arranged for a hostel accommodation. He says she can come to his house whenever she wants to and think its a biggest punishment to stay away from one’s love, she shouldn’t punish herself as he can see she is missing Virat from now itself. He leaves for his class. She remembers his words and imagines Virat walking to her with flowers, but then realizes another man carrying flowers for his lady love and thinks if she is really missing Virat.

Sai reaches her hotel room and thinks why is she thinking about Virat when he didn’t think about her while kicking her out of house; whatever Pulkit says, she will not return to Virat. Her room mate Prachi Pawar enters and rudely asks her to move away as its her bed. Sai apologizes and sits on her bed. Prachi says she is letting her share the room due to Dean sir’s order or else she doesn’t like sharing her room. Sai shifts Prachi’s stuff from her bed and says even she doesn’t and says when situation is not in their favor, they should learn to adjust. Prachi asks if she is threatening her to punish her via her IPS husband Virat Chavan. She says she will give her a breaking news that she is not Virat’s wife now.

Virat ready for the mission addresses his team and morally boasts their confidence that they should win this battle for sure, they all should take their family’s blessings and prayers as they need it a lot. He looks at Sai’s number and thinks if thinks were right, he would have called her first. He orders team to get into vehicles and tying his shoes know hopes he shouldn’t have mistrusted Sai. His subordinate asks if he needs any help. He says no and says they should tie the knot or relationship on time or else they will fall. He then gets into vehicle and leaves on a mission.

Devi gets happy looking at crayons and toys and thinks she will make drawings now. Pulkit walks to her. She asks if he brought all these gifts for her. He nods yes. She says she is feeling very happy here and asks if she should draw his face. He nods yes. Harini returns home with Madhuri and snatching crayons and toys from Devi says who is this aunty, its her toy and crayons. Devi resists and asks Pulkit to get back her toy. Harini asks who is this aunty and asks Madhuri to ask her to leave. Devi insists Pulkit to tell her that its her house as she married Pulkit. Harini hearing that calling Pulkit as papa asks who is this aunty. Pulkit reminds Devi that she gave birth to a daughter and this is their daughter Harini. Devi gets very happy hearing that. Harini asks him what does he mean. He informs that Devi is his mother. Devi happily jumps with Harini and says she loves her a lot and was thriving for her, but didn’t know if she was alive or not. She thanks Pulkit for reuniting her with her daughter and holds Harini again. Her bangles get stuck in Harini’s hair and she pushes her away. She stands shocked.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th April 2021 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virat on the way to his mission calls Sai, but she doesn’t pick his call. Mohit messages Sai that Virat is going on a dangerous mission and she should pray for him.


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