Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 29th April 2022 Sai requests Virat to give his family one more chance and says he will feel better after that. Shivani calls Sai in to meet Rajiv. Sai excuses herself and meets Rajiv. Virat looks at them. Ashwini walks to him and says she feels good seeing Rajiv and his family together, Rajiv, his would be wife,

his sister, and a girl who saved his life. She says even she was angry on Sai, but Sai wo her heart again. Virat asks if she forgave Sai. Ashwini says they can’t be happy if they keep hatred in their heart. She says she doesn’t know if he loves Sai or not, but she can see Sai putting her best effort to revive their relationship. Virat says Sai accepted that their relationship has ended.

Sai walks to them and informs that doctor suggested Rajiv to rest and if he is stable till tomorrow, he will be discharged. Shivani says she will stay with Rajiv. Sai says she should as she is Rajiv’s would be wife and remids that when she tried to take care of Virat, he kicked her out of room. Virat asks why she is reminding him about it.

She says she just wants to tell Shivani that she is lucky to get love in return. Sunny walks to Virat and says it shows Sai’s pain and says Sai loves him and is having similar feelings which he had for Sai sometime ago. Virat recalls Sai confronting him.

Sai returns home and leaves gift bags with a note for Virat. Devi walks to her and asks about Rajiv. Sai says her is better than before and will be discharged tomorrow. Devi asks if Rajiv and Shivani will marry soon. Sai says yes as they love each other. Devi insists her to tell I love you to Virat by tomorrow or else she will inform everyone about it. Devi tries to stop her, but she walks away. Sai then picks her and Virat’s photo and says he will not be angry if she expresses her love for him to his photo and says Virat sir I love you.

Virat returns home and sees Sai asleep. He recalls Sai’s words that nobody will stay permanently in the world and hence he should give a second chance to his family before its too late. His inner voice tells him that Sai was right and her words hit his heart. Virat says Sai was right. Inner voice asks if he will not forgive his family. Virat says his family did wrong to him. Inner voice says he did wrong by hiding truth from them and anyone would react same in that situation.

He further says Sai made so much effort to revive their love, but he is wrong by not reaccepting her. Virat asks again how can he forgive his family for what they did to him. Inner voice says he shouldn’t carry the hatred for long and forgive his family and his wife and start a new life with his life. Virat looks at Sai. Inner voice suggests him to give one more chance to Sai and reveal how much he loves her before its too late and Sai walks out of his life permanently.

Sai in her sleep subconsciously asks her baba if she should stop putting her efforts. Virat says no. Sai wakes up. Virat hides. Sai thinks if she heard Virat’s voice and falls back asleep. Virat says he doesn’t want her to stop putting effort. Inner voice asks him to go express her life for Sai right now. Virat says he will tell her in the morning how he used to feel for her. Inner voice says he still does and asks him not to delay. Virat looks at Sai.

Chavans gather in a living room and discuss why Virat messaged them in family group to gather in a living room. Ashwini fears if he wants to inform them about his transfer. Pakhi says maybe he wants to talk about Sai as she troubles him a lot. Samrat asks why her needle gets stuck at point, Virat can talk about something else.

Virat walks to them and says he wants to talk something important and hence called them here, its already late and he doesn’t want to delay more. Ashwini asks what he wants to talk about. Virat says Rajiv was very happy right here and was dancing, but the next moment he fell down lifeless. Samrat says Sai’s presence of mind and effort saved his life. Virat says if she had not, Rajiv wouldn’t have been alive and Shivani would have lost her love again.

Bhavani asks why is he talking like this. Pakhi asks if Sai said something. Virat says Sai made him realize there is no place for hatred in life and its a result of lack of love in life. Ashwini asks if he is going to say what she is thinking. He says yes,

he cannot be angry on her for long. Ashwini happily hugs him followed by others. Virat says Sai made her realize that nothing is important in the world than family and apologizes them for misunderstanding him. He says they are a victim of situation and apologizes them with folded hands to forgive him for his misbehavior.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Virat thinks he is always late in expressing his feelings for Sai and maybe late even this time.


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