Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 31st May 2021 Virat tells Sai that he is very happy as Bhavani agreed to celebrate Harini’s birthday. He calls Pulkit and informs him that they will celebrate Harini’s birthday with Chavans. Pulkit asks really? Virat informs him that Bhavani agreed. Pulkit is happy that his daughter will get love from her maternal’s house. Virat says the family have got the chance to rectify their mistakes and prays that Harini accepts Devi as her mother. Pulkit says even I pray the same. Virat asks them to reach by 6 pm and says they have planned something special for Harini.

Pulkit says we will come surely. Sai tells Virat that they both want Harini and Devi to unite, she has a plan and needs his help. He says I wanted to come with you for shopping, but you went shopping alone and asks how did she manage, as his card is still in his wallet. She says she had some money. She says last time, he refused to let her pay for the lunch, so she thought to contribute for Harini’s birthday. He says your self esteem is bigger than you. She says she got this quality from her father. Virat says Kamal sir was great, I spent less time with him. Sai says I miss him a lot and gets teary eyes. Virat says he must be feeling proud to see you. He wipes her tears. Sai smiles and says my Aaba used to wipe tears like this. Virat says once you had said that I have your Aaba’s qualities. She says yes. He checks her and asks if she is fine? Sai asks you like my angry look and you don’t like my happy mood. Sai says I like all your moods. He praises and then teases her. Mohit comes there and asks them to tell if they need help. Sai says we have to do something to unite Devi Tai and Harini. She tells Mohit that she has some work which only he can do. Mohit asks what is it?

Pakhi comes to Bhavani and apologizes to her for telling that she has told her about orphanage thing. Bhavani asks why are you apologizing to me, you are the one who stood by me, I am lucky to have bahu like you. Ashwini and Sonali hear them. Bhavani says though I agreed, I fear how will I control myself. Sonali tells Ashwini that bhavani had told a big secret to Pakhi and not us. Ashwini says Vahini has done wrong and had told the one, who supports her. She says I consider myself lucky, as Vahini haven’t told me this truth, else I would have become part of her sin. They go from there.

Mohit says he can’t do what Virat and Sai are asking him to do. Sai says it is a gift from Chote Mamu from Harini. Mohit says how will I do in such a short time. Virat asks if your words was a lie and asks where is his passion for acting? Sai tells that she has seen his passion for theatre and tells that this skit is a game of his left hand. Mohit asks where is the script? Virat says Sai will explain everything. Sai says we have to make Devi and harini see a show. Mohit says ok.

Later Virat hopes Harini likes the decoration. Mohit says she is my niece too. Virat misses Samrat and says my heart says that he will return surely. Sai says surely he will return and then we will have a big party. She calls Mohit to sit and asks if he thought of casting. Mohit says I think Virat will be perfect for the Narrator. Virat agrees. Mohit says Sai will be perfect for Harini’s role. Virat says perfect casting, she is stubborn like children. Mohit says for Devi’s role. Karishma offers to play. Mohit says it needs intensity. Karishma asks who will agree? Mohit says Pakhi will be best for Devi’s role. Virat asks really? Karishma laughs. She says if Pakhi will agree and act with Sai. Mohit says we can ask once. Karishma says Pakhi can agree for Virat, but not for Sai. Sai looks at Virat. Virat says she will not agree. Mohit says we have no options. Sai looks at Virat. Virat asks what is going on in her mind. Sai says Pakhi will agree if you convince her. Virat says I don’t know how she will react?

Pakhi gets shocked. She says you are behaving strange with me and now came to me asking me to act in the skit. She refuses and asks him to go. Virat says we think that nobody can do this role, other than you and says you had told me that you used to take parts in skit and organized it too. Pakhi says I had told you when we met in Nasik, but you had forgotten it all, then why you want me to remember that. Virat says I haven’t come here to talk about past, just came to ask for your help and wants you to take part in the skit. He says we are doing it for a good cause, we want to unite a mother with her daughter and bring everyone together. He asks her to keep her ego on side and help him if she can. Pakhi looks at him.


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