Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th August 2022 Chavans celebrate raksha bandhan ceremony. Devi ties rakhi to Virat and Mohit while Shivani ties rakhi to Ninad and Omkar. Devi then gets emotoinal seeing Samrat’s photo. Virat and Mohit comfort her and hope Samrat was alive among them. Everyone get emotional.

Sai tells Vinayak that he had Samrat mama/uncle who was also his kaka, he always wanted everyone to be happy and would have asked them all to stop crying and celebrate Vinayak’s first rakhi festival happily.

Everyone smile. Devi says she bought 2 rakhis for her Vinayak, one from his sister and another from his sister’s mother. She ties rakhis to Vinayak. Virat offers her 2 gift envelopes. She says she will take only 1 and wants to hold the baby in her arms. Sai gives Vinayak to her.

A group of eunuchs walk in hearing baby’s arrival. Bhavani welcomes them and says she will give them saris and gifts after they bless her grandchild. Eunuchs say grandmother looks very kind hearted. Ashwini says Bhavani is the senior grandmother and is very kind hearted. They ask who is baby’s mother.

Sai and Pakhi come forward. Sai says she is baby’s mother. Bhavani says Pakhi gave birth. Virat asks when Kanhaji can have Yashoda and Devaki as mother, why can’t his son have 2 mothers. Eunuchs ask him to come forward with baby’s mother to get their blessings and ask Pakhi to move aside.

Pakhi gets jealous and disheartened and run to her room. Eunuchs bless baby and pray that baby gets siblings soon. Sai asks them to bless only Vinayak as he is their only child. Ashwini offers gifts to them and send them away.

Vinayak starts crying. Bhavani searches Pakhi and asks Sai to take Vinayak to Pakhi for feeding. Pakhi locks herself and tries to commit suicide by hanging herself. Sai takes Vinayak to Pakhi and is shocked see that. She calls family who rush to her and are shocked to see Pakhi attempting suicide. Virat asks her to open the door and speak to them. Pakhi says she doesn’t have any other option.

Sonali asks why is Pakhi doing this. Karishma says what can a woman down when her baby is suddenly snatched from her. Virat breaks the door open and gets Pakhi down. Pakhi cries sayins she doesn’t want to live as she is alone after losing Samrat and now her baby. Bhavani asks not to say that as they are all with her.

Sai stands shocked seeing Pakhi’s condition. She returns to her room with Vinayak and thinks if Pakhi is doing this drama to snatch her baby. Pulkit calls a psychiatrist who checks Pakhi and says Pakhi has lost a hope to live, so they should make her feel that she is not alone. After some time, Bhavani tells family that she never expects such incident happening again.

Sonali and Karishma say Pakhi is feeling lonely after losing her baby and wants it back. Bhavani says Sonali is right. Sai says baby return to the right place, baby belongs to her and not Pakhi. Virat says she is right, but they are all trying to find out why Pakhi took this excreme step.

Family discussion continues. Mansi asks if they can give Sai and Virat’s baby to Pakhi to save Pakhi’s life. Sai says never, she understands Mansi’s pain, but Vinayak is her and Virat’s son and she will not give it to Pakhi. Bhavani supports Mansi and decides to hand over Vinayak to Pakhi. Pakhi walks to them and asks if she can adopt Vinayak like a mother. Sai realizes Pakhi really did a drama to snatch her son, but she will not let that happen.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai gets Pakhi arrested for tricking her and becoming a surrogate even after her warning and risking baby’s life. Virat tells Sai that Pakhi is wrong, but she is a family member. Sai says she will not spare anyone who will support Pakhi and will get even them arrested. Virat asks if she will get him arrested.Sai says if he tries to bring Sai back into this house, she with her baby will permanently leave him and his house.


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