Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 9th July 2021 Ashwini prepares breakfast humming a song. Bhavani comments that event is over and Ashwini is still in jovial mood. Sai walks down and wishes them good morning. Omkar signals Sonali not to reply. Sai walks to Ashwini. Bhavani tells Omkar that they should be careful and not let Sai’s success reach her head. Pakhi comments that what else they can expect from Sai, she succeeded in her mission of impressing them. Bhavani says she cannot forget how Sai called them to the venue. Omkar and Ninad back her and yell at Sai.

Sai tries to walk to them, but stops hearing Ashwini humming a song. Sai asks if she liked her performance so much. Ashwini says why not and asks if she has video recording of her dance performance. Sai says her friends recorded even Virat’s dance. Ashwini says if she had practiced dance since childhood, she would have been a big dancer by now. Sai says she learnt dancing in her childhood via a professional teacher and even now wants to learn dance. Bhavani yells at Sai if she will become a dancer now. Sai walks to her and says even she should join a dance class with her, their mind may get in sync with their dance sync. Bhavani yells her to stop. Sonali yells if she will make Bhavani dance now. Thrimurthis unbearable yelling continues. Sonali supports them. Sai continues her jovial mood. Sonali and Mansi walk down for breakfast and stop seeing the drama. Ninad yells he cannot forget Sai’s trick yesterday to call them to the event, a normal person never lies about her death.

Sonali complains Ashwini that Sai is arguing with Ninad because of Ashwini’s pampering. Ashwini asks what problem she has if she pampers her bahu. Sonali says her bahu is getting out of control because of Sai. Karishma asks why is she dragging her in this. Sonali says she is behaving because of Sai. Sai in a jovial mood asks Sonali if she enjoyed her dance or not. Sonali smiles, but then seeing Trimurthis yells. Sai gives her a jovial reply. Mansi smiles and asks why they have a problem if someone wants to pursue their dream. Sai asks Bhavani if she enjoyed her dance or not, why did she present her award then. Bhavani says she did it not to create any drama. Their yelling and drama continues. Sai continues tackling them calmly with jokes. Ninad gets angry and says he will not stay with Sai under same roof. Bhavani and Omkar back her and say even they will not stay with Sai and will not return home until Sai leaves this house.

Drama continues. Sai asks where will they go. Ninad asks Sonali to bring his wallet and credit cards as they will shift to their farm house. Ashwini pleads him not to go and requests Bhavani to explain him. Sai says they will go without any belonging and asks Sonali not to bring it. Omkar informs Ninad that their farm house is under repair. Ninad says they will stay in ashram. Cut short the long drama, Sai asks them to be happy and enjoy life like they were yesterday during her dance performance and asks Sonali to shut the door. Bhavani asks Ashwini to bring 3 cups tea to her room. Sai reminds family rues and insists them to have tea in living room itself and warns if they don’t by themselves, she will force feed them. Ninad and Omkar finish tea in fear. (Verdict.. nothing to expect much from today’s episode).


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virat tells family that he wants to celebrate Sai’s birthday tomorrow as Sai’s Aaba desired to celebrate her birthday lavishly. Sai walks down. Virat asks everyone to be silent.


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