Gud Se Mitha Ishq 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 11th August 2022 Dev arrives with his brother Navdeep and SIL Nimrit. Khuranas stop their fight seeing them. Kaju takes Pallavi and her village sarpanch from Khurana house. Neel takes Pari to her room.

Bhoomi tells Jaidev and Soniya that she had warned them against Kaju’s drama, but they didn’t listen to he; Kaju and her mother cannot do anything if Neel marries Pavitra; they should send Kajal and her team from here before Pavitra’s family arrives here. Khurana family welcomes Dev and his family.

Nimrit starts indirectly insulting Khuranas and says their house is so big with so many people staying in it, it reminds her of a railway station junction. She says she got organic fruits as shagun for them. Nutan says there was no need for it as they honored them by accepting Pari for Dev. Nimrit asks who is she. Dev introduces her as Pari’s mother.

Nutan praises Dev. Navdeep says his brother is very mature and more intelligent than him. Neel recalls Pallavi confronting him that he ruined Kaju’s life. Pari gets ready and insists to meet Dev right now. Neel asks her to wait for some time.

He notices Pallavi continuing her argument with his parents and walks to them. Pari walks down to Dev and asks why didn’t he come up to meet her. Dev nervously says he was about to come. Pari continues her lunatic behavior.

Jaidev asks Pallavi to leave with Kaju and her vilagers or else he will call police and get them arrested. Pallavi asks him to call anyone he likes. Jaidev calls police. Police arrives. Pallavi shows them Kajal and Neel’s marriage certificate. Inspector says with the original marriage certificate and 2 eye witnesses, it is proved that Neel married Kaju.

He warns Jaidev that being a senior lawyer, he should know that second marriage is an illegal offense and his son can get into jail for that, so he should handle the issue amicably within his family. Pavitra arrives with her family and stands shocked seeing the drama.

Pari insults Nimrit and asks who is the snake and lizard like woman. Dev tries to control her, but she continues insulting Nimrit. Navdeep thinks why Dev wants to commit suicide by marrying a lunatic girl. Dev introduces Navdeep and Nimrit to Pari. Pari realizes they are her in-laws and apologizes them.

Daadi apologizes Navdeep to forgive Pari. Navdeep says Dev told them that Pari is different bu didn’t say that Pari is lunatic. Pari gets angry and fights with Nimrit again. Dev calms her down. Pari then touches Navdeep’s feet. Navdeep stops her and says daughters don’t touch feet. Pari touches Nimrit’s feet next and continues her drama.

Pavitra’s mother asks Jaideep why did he fix Pavitra’s marriage with Neel when Neel is already married. Pavitra asks Neel to do something and send Kaju from there. Sarpanch says they will not go from there without getting justice to his village daughter. Neel asks Kaju if he didn’t already inform her that married her to save her life and doesn’t consider her as his wife.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pavitra asks Neel to get divorce papers signed from Kajal and send her away. Pallavi says her daughter will not remove sindhoor from her hairline. Neel gets angry and smears Kajal’s forehead with sindhoor, leaving everyone shocked.


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