Gud Se Mitha Ishq 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 16th August 2022 Dev returns to his room and seeing Nimrit with Pari says they both bonded well with Pari. He asks who is thanking whom. Pari tries to speak. Nimrit stops her and leaves. Dev shows his brought food to Pari.

Pari says they forgot the important ritual of suhagraat/first night. Dev nervously asks her to finish food first as she must be hungry. Pari gets adamant to have suhagraat first.

Kajal walks to Neel hearing him shouting. Neel notices sindhoor in her hairline. Kajal asks if he is fine. Neel nods yes and asks if he was shouting in sleep. She says he doesn’t look good. Neel says he wants to talk to her.

Pari walks to living room and shouts she wants suhagraat. Navdeep and Nimrit come out of their room and asks what is happening. Devi tries to control Pari, but fails. Pari shouts she wants to finish Suhagraat ritual. Nimrit grins at Navdeep.

Pari asks why they are awake like owls, its bad to listen to husband and wife’s chat. Nimrit says they are going. Pari thanks Nimrit silently for reminding her about suhagraat ritual. Nimrit says your most welcome and leaves. Pari hugs Dev and says let us go now. He tries to relax her. She slips. He holds her. Their eyes lock. A romantic song plays in the background.

Kajal tries to leave asking Neel to sleep now as its last night. He insists her to talk to him. Kaju asks why should she when he didn’t want to talk to her. She confronts him that he didn’t want want to accept their marriage and his family is against it,

he loves Pavitra and his family wants him to marry Pavitra, so he should go ahead and marry Pavitra. She continues and says the truth is she feels special whenever she is around him.

Dev tells Pari that suhagraat means spending a night with her suhaag, which she is doing right now. It also involves having dinner together. She calms down hearing that. He feeds her food. She shyingly calls him suhaag sir.

Kajal on the other side continues to express her feelings for Neel. Neel holds her. She says she is shattering. He says he will not let her shatter and promises to stand by her always. She hugs him happily.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 17th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhoomi knocks Kajal’s room door and asks her to do some household chores. She hears Dev’s voice from the room. Navdeep tells Nimrit that whole property is in Dev’s name and if he gets a child from Pari, their son will not get anything.


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